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Chris Benoit had two finishers they were the crippler cross face and the diving headbutt.

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Q: What is the wrestler chris beniot's finisher?
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What is chris beniots race?

hispanic American

What is MVP the wrestler's finisher?

The Playmaker

Who is the fattest wrestler?

The fattest wrestler is Yokozuna, who weighed 518 pounds. His finisher involved sitting on his oponnent.

What is Indy wrestler Zokre's finisher?

springboard swanton bomb.

What is Kane wrestler finisher?

Chokeslam Tombstone Piledriver

When was Chris Taylor - wrestler - born?

Chris Taylor - wrestler - was born in 1950.

When did Chris Taylor - wrestler - die?

Chris Taylor - wrestler - died in 1979.

When was Chris Harris - wrestler - born?

Chris Harris - wrestler - was born on 1973-12-25.

When was Chris Adams - wrestler - born?

Chris Adams - wrestler - was born on 1955-02-10.

When did Chris Adams - wrestler - die?

Chris Adams - wrestler - died on 2001-10-07.

Which wrestler has the best finisher?

Homicide from TNA. That slam right on they head is just crazy.

What is nunzio's finisher?

i have no idea he was not a bad wrestler but he could of been cool if he stayed in wwe

How do you do a created finisher on WWE 2010?

when creating a move set for your wrestler go to the finishers section and select created finisher. Select the one you want to use and set it as a finisher. When you are in a match execute the finisher as you would normally. For a regular created finisher you need to be in front of your opponent and either strong grapple them and execute the finisher as normal, if its a diving move knock your opponent to the floor and go to the top rople and execute your finisher.

Which early 2000s pro wrestler used a lifting-swinging DDT as their finisher?

crash holly

Who is Montell Van Porter a.k.a MVP?

A toatlly sick wrestler from the WWE his finisher move is playmaker

Is chris masters an olympic wrestler?

no he is just plain old wrestler!

Is the WWE wrestler Chris Masters gay?


What things can you create on smack down vs raw 2009?

u can create a finisher, entrance, wrestler diva or man,

Who is Victoria the wrestler dating?

chris jerico

Is Chris Masters a second generation wrestler?


What is the wrestler Chris Benoit real name?

Chris Benoit's real name is Christopher Michael "Chris" Benoit.

Who is Chris and Josh's favorite wrestler?

Chris and Josh's favorite wrestler is Randy Orton. However they also like HHH, Edge, Christian, Sting, Tomko, Jericho, and many others.

Who is chris masters dating?

As of June 2014, Chris Masters appears to be single. Chris is a professional wrestler in the United States.

Who is Chris jerico?

A Wrestler fo Wwe Smackdown

What wrestler from tna died in 2005?

Chris Candido