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The worst Yonex Badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

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Q: What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?
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Which is the world's costliest badminton racket?

yonex nanospeed 900

Which is no 1 badminton?


Which is no 1 badminton racket?


What is the equipments of badminton?

a badminton racket (if possible yonex), a shuttle , a badminton court with a net.

Best badminton racquet for a begineer in yonex an the price of the same?

Hmmm..................i don't know.Depends on the price range I guess.Make sure its light (colour & style dose not matter) and durable dude!

What is the best company in badminton?

its obvious. its YONEX

How do you choose badminton racquet?

Depends, if you are like me where to plays doubles and single you would probably get middle balanced like Yonex Arcsaber instead of a head heavy or light, double for defend a head light would be what you want like Yonex Nanospeed attack would be head heavy because of smash will be harder like Yonex Armotec.

What is a good badminton racquet grip to buy?

head, Wilson ,yonex Towel grips are good for few times but after that it becomes pretty hard so it's like gripping a dry towel

Which company came first-Yonex or Jonex?

Yonex. Jonex isn't even a badminton brand.

What is the best badminton racket right now?

Yonex is best badminton racket.

What is the difference between Badminton racquet Yonex Muscle Power 100 and Badminton racquet Yonex Muscle Power 99?

Yonex Muscle Powers 1-100 are they most light, aerodynamic racket you well ever come by, its has strings that prove power and aerodynamic features to keep wind speed down and air pressure up. This forces upon the shaft coming down on a clean solid hit. The Muscle Power 99 compared to they Muscle power 100 is simply the design and a bonus features to the Musle Power 100, these features and considered users chose for more information go to your local badminton retailer for details. Regards, Knowledgefilt19.

Where can one buy Yonex badminton rackets?

There are many websites where someone can purchase Yonex badminton rackets online. Some examples of websites are Sport Chek, eBay, Fruugo, and Amazon.