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The Worst Football Team Ever By Far Is Manchester United

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Wisconsin totally

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Q: What is the worst football team in the whole world ever?
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No player is worst in football, it is only the luck and skills that matters.

Which is the worst football team ever?


Which is the worst football country in the world?

San Marino as they have only ever won one game.

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Preston north end they r the worst.

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cvb xfgbxthfjgmvbn

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there not simple as!

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Liverpool are the worst team in the whole world, even beating Chelsea in the pile of social mess. That is an achevment

What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

What is the worst football team ever?

by far bristol rovers

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Western Kentucky

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Kaka and Torres are the best players ever. And Messi

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CESC FABREGAS is the worst footballer an crappiest ever in the whole wide world and loads of people agree on that, an LIONEL MESSI is the bestest footballer ever

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because greg mayson supports them

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Because NFL (alien football) is the worst excuse for football (normal people football) ever!

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they both are the worst football game ever

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There the worst team you ever see playing

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Who are the best football team?

Without a doubt, Liverpool FC are the best football team in the world!! Not only are they the most successful English football team in history, but they have amazing fans who will support them forever. Manchester United are officially the worst football team ever.