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Penn State

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Q: What is the worst NCAA Division 1 college basketball program in history?
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Which men's basketball team has the most number of wins?

Division 1: University of Kentucky; first college basketball program to reach 2000 wins. Division 2: Kentucky Wesleyan College

Is dayton good at basketball?

The Dayton Flyers men's basketball team is a college basketball program. Dayton is one of the top-50 all time winningest Division I college basketball programs.

What Juco has the best basketball program?

The best Men's Basketball Program is Miami-Dade Junior College

What college basketball program has the most dunks?


How many Basketball scholarships per year can be offered?

The NCAA allows each Division 1 Men's Basketball program 13 Scholarships and in Division 2, 10 are available. For Women's basketball 15 Scholarships are offered in Division 1 and 10 in Division 2. from

What college basketball program has sent the most players to the nba?


What college basketball program has the most players with an nba title?

North Carolina

What college do I go to to play basketball?

Louisville, Duke, U. of North Carolina, U. of Michigan are some big basketball program colleges. but to be in the NBA you dont HAVE to do college.

Winningest college basketball program?

As of the end of the 10-11 SeasonKentucky1Kentucky20522Kansas20383North Carolina20334Duke19445Syracuse18106Temple17667St. John's17248UCLA17099Notre Dame170110Pennsylvania1677

What college sport bings in the most revenue?

Usually the college football program brings in the highest revenue, with basketball running second.

What school in division I FBS college football has the oldest program without a national title?

Wake Forest

What is the mascot for the Clemson basketball team?

The Clemson basketball team (also known as "The Clemson Tigers men's basketball") is the college basketball program of the Clemson University. The mascot of all Clemson University athletic teams is a tiger.

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