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Q: What is the worst 3 point percentage in a college basketball game?
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What is the name of the worst team in college basketball?

Depends on the year you are referring to and what division.

What is the worst NCAA Division 1 college basketball program in history?

Penn State

Who would win the best college basketball team or the worst NBA team?

it depends on what team?

What is the worst college basketball school?

st francis! aww that sucks!! I'm glad i dont go there! umm...where is that??

Who holds record for worst 3-point percentage in NBA playoff game?

ray Allen

What is the worst basketball brand?


What is the worst college team?

Army is the worst college football team!

What are Worst basketball teams of all time?

the worst basketball team is the charlotte bobcats they were founded in 2004 they still have no championships

What is the worst team in nba basketball?

The lackers.

Is lakireddybalreddy top engineering college?

no worst college

What is the worst college volleyball team?

Kieran Dracyis the worst college volleyball team.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

Who is the worst mens basketball team in ncaa?

The worst team varies year to year, so there really isn't a worst team.

Who is the worst basketball player in 3rd grade?

Bob and Jimmy.

What is some of the worst things about playing basketball?

your risking your life

What basketball coach had the worst record ever?

Calvin stokes

What is the worst thing that can happen in NBA basketball?

You get move to Okc

What is the worst college soccer team?


Who is the worst basketball player to come out of los Fresnos Texas?

There has been some arguments about this but there has been a decision that Hociel Garcia is the worst Basketball player to come out of here by far.

What baseball team has the worst winning percentage since 2000?

As of 2013, the baseball team with the worst winning percentage since 2000 is the Baltimore Orioles, with a 0.431 winning percentage.

Who is the worst offensive basketball player in the world?

In My Opinion That Is A Stupid Question. No Player Is The WORST Offensive Player In The World.

Which college has the worst lost in the softball college World Series?


Which is the WORST Engineering College in Chennai tamilnadu?

Panimalar engineering college

Who is the worst basketball players in wells international school?

Mark Pasong

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the point of emphasis is the worst word ever

What is the worst college in UNited states?