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1075 pounds by Ryan Kennelly

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Q: What is the world record in weightlifting for the benchpress?
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What is the world record for the benchpress?

Ryan kennelly. 1120 lbs

What is the world record for the benchpress for a kid that weighs 114 pounds and is 15 years old?

Such precise statistics are not recorded

What is the team record for benchpress and who holds it?

Nate newton 642

What is the world weightlifting record for squatting?

You can watch a YouTube video of Mike Miller squatting with 1220 pounds, which may be the world record.

What is the women's world record in weightlifting for the bench press?

just go to you will very easily find your answer there.

World record clean and jerk?

The world record (current) for a Clean and jerk is held by Hossein Rezazadeh of Iran. Who lifted 263.5 Kilos in 2004 at the Athens Olympic's Nikia Olympic Weightlifting hall in Greece. The all time world record is held by Leonid Taranenko who lifted 266.0 Kg's at the 1988 Samboy Chimps World Weightlifting championships.

Who holds the men's world weightlifting record in 60 kg?

I have absolutely no clue but i waz jus wondering is Jake L asking this question cuz Jake is absolutely obsessed with weightlifting!

12 year old benchpress record?

145 pounds by Ryan Greer, ur welcome

Who benchpress's the most in the world?

Devin Carney benches 955lbs

What is the Olympic weightlifting record?

500kg by Stephanie mostyn in 1997

What is the current weightlifting world record for the snatch?

The current WR for the snatch in the mens 105+ (superheavyweight) category is 214kg, and is held by Behdad Salimikordasiabi of Iran.

165 lb class benchpress record?

Ikiorkei Meliankiono from Brazil holds the world bench press record at 165lbs, he benched 1525lbs on Sept 28, 2009. Over 30 eye witnesses can testify to this! Very impressive and very unhuman!!

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