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Wilt Chamberlain claims to have had 50,000 sexual partners (but not all at once). Whether such a claim can be believed, you may judge for yourself.

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Q: What is the world record for the most sexual partners?
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What is the record for most sexual partners?


What is the record for most sex partners at one time?


In America most people's number of sexual partners is in the single digits?


What woman has had most sexual partners?

I started when I was 16 and have had 41 since then.

Do women prefer many sexual partners?

This varies from place to place, most women are money hungry and that allows them to have multiple partners to have multiple sources of income...but when it comes to sexual activity, women prefer to not to have many partners.

How many sexual partners do you think most men have had or will have?

From Puberty to 50 years old the average is between 1 and 20 for 75% of males. The majority of these have less than 5 different sexual partners over their lifetime.

What profession is Lisa Sparxx in?

Lisa Sparxx, or Lisa Sparks, is an actress in the adult entertainment industry. She currently holds the world record for having sex with the most partners in one day.

Do lesbians like to eat vagina?

Most do. Like all sexual activity, it depends on what both partners desire.

What is the most important factor influencing the acquisition of HPV 16 And 18?

Sexual activity is the most important factor influencing the acquisition of HPV 16 and 18. A higher number of partners and early sexual activity are most predictive.

What is the most famous world record?

The most famous world record is the air balloon.

Is there a video of this of the most sexual partners at one time record being set?

I seen this video. I am looking for it on the internet today....but, I am not having any luck. But, yes its out there because I have seen it. I was young when I seen it on tv somewhere. Now, that I am 27 thought about and would like to see it again.

Which 80's rock star had the most sexual partners?

Gene simmons and 2nd axel rose lets get real

What is the world record of 1st wicket partnership in cricket test match?

The first wicket partnership in cricket test match was held on March 11, 1910 between England and South Africa. The partners were JB Hobbs and W. Rhodes. ND McKenzie and GC Smith holds the world record for most runs, 415.

What is the world record for most eaten pies?

To date the record is 25. This is a Guinness World Record.

The world record for the most farts is 300 in a row?

The world record for the most farts is 300 in a row.

What Does Asextual Mean?

The 'A' prefix usually means 'Anti', or 'Non'. As such, 'A-Sexual' (Asexual) means nonsexual. The most common use is in species which reproduce offspring self-sufficiently. (e.g without sexual partners.)

What is the world record for most sillybandz?

It's 9,000 sillybandz for the world record

What is the world record for the most words typed in a minute?

the world record for wpm is 580

Is there a world record for having the most root beer bottles?

There is, without doubt, a world record for everything, though most will not be recorded.

What are some good dreams about your boyfriend?

Pretty much any dreams bettering his character in your opinion. Most people have sexual dreams about their partners as well.

What is the world record for the most urination?

my record is 1.2 minutes?

What is the world record for Cityville coins?

i have the world record for Most coins so I had 999,999,999 coins

Who holds the record for the most allergies in the world?


What age group is affected most from gonorrhea?

No age group in particular is most affected by gonorrhea. It is a sexually transmited disease which people who are more sexually active with numerous sexual partners are more likely to get. Generally people in their early 20's go through several sexual partners and are therefore, based on that alone, more susseptible to gonorrhea.The age group 20-29 with a sexually active lifestyle.

What type of lifestyle may promote perinatal infection?

Intravenous drug use and sexual intercourse with infected partners increases the risks of exposure to most of these infections.