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2,555 bounces by Nicole Sanders on 12/29/09

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Q: What is the world record for hitting a ping pong ball up and down in a row?
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World record of hitting a ping pong ball?

What is the world record for hitting a ping pong ball up and down the worldthe world record for the most times hitting a pingpong ball up and down is 2,343,277,654,921,865,990,546,670,260,784, 298,654,768,934Update if you or someone can do more

What is cross court in tennis?

Cross court is quite literally hitting a ball diagonally across the court. When you hit a ball "cross court", you hit it to the opposite corner with reference to where you are standing. In contrast, hitting a ball "down the line" means hitting the ball straight in front of you.

What happen to the ball when you stop hitting it?

try stop and dont run hahahaahhaha....

How not to blade a golf shot?

Try and focus on staying down on the ball, almost imagine you are hitting the ball into the ground, this will compress it and help get the ball in the air.

What is the record for bouncing a ball up and down on a cricket bat?

it was in Guiness book of World Records 2009. It is 55593934975891 times

What is spiking in volleyball?

Spiking is where you do the a porch and jump and hit the ball down by flicking your wrist and hitting it hard.

When using irons 2-7 how can you stay under the ball and get it into the air when you are always hitting the to?

Hitting the toe? You just need to try and groove your swing so you can hit the sweet spot or centre of the club. To get the ball up in the air, it may sound silly, you need to hit down on the ball. All the pros hit down on the ball to compress it and get it up in the air, the loft of the club is all that is needed to get the ball up.

How can you throw a ball with all your might without hitting a wall or other obstruction have the ball stop and come right back to you?

You throw it straight up, it will come back down to you...

Is there a record for bouncing a ball up and down on a cricket bat?

yes it is near about 225 times

What was the world record for highway rider?

59 that was the old record. the new world record by Aimene Ghomri is 65. if u beat that record write it down. thank you

Why does hitting a ball with a tennis racket at the edge give the ball more speed?

It doesn't. You typically want to hit the ball in the center of the racket, or a little bit towards the tip of the racket. Hitting near the edge of a racket produces sidespin, which makes your ball inconsistent and probably slows the ball down because it won't penetrate the court like a normal top-spin shot.

How do you hit down on the golf ball when hitting irons and hybrids?

You will see when the pros hit their irons and wedges that a big divot flies up after it, this is because they are hitting down on the ball. You basically need to hit down on an iron and hybrid if you want to hit the sweet spot. The best thing to do, is imagine you are mashing the ball into the ground at impact, this will give a really nice compression and the ball will fly off with a strong penetrating flight. You will notice that when you are hitting a driver or fairway wood you are essentially sweeping the ball off the tee, as this is how to best hit these clubs. When you are hitting a driver or three wood, you will always put the ball forward in your stance, encouraging the sweep. It is worth noting, that you don't have to hit down on hybrids, some players hit these like they are fairway woods, as they can be used effectively off the front foot or in the center of the stance. Not all players hit down on the ball, players like Tom Watson sweep their iron shots off the ground, with fantastic results.

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