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Q: What is the world record for 30 meter sprint?
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What is the men's world record in the 1500 meter breaststroke?

30 minutes

Who is the world record holder for fastest 30 meter dash?

alex my magic man from turkey

What is a Decent time for 200 meter sprint?

The average time for a 200 meter sprint race depends on the age of the runner. But, the average time is from 30 seconds to about 40 seconds to run this distance.

What is a good 30 meter sprint time?

Well for girls a good time is 4.5 but a great time is 4 exact

What is the record time on the 1200 meter run girls under 10?


What is the 60 meter world record?

Maurice Greene (USA) holds the mens record of 6.39sec. Irina Privalova (Russia) holds the womens record of 6.92sec. There is a new 60 meter world record run by Tyson Gay on August, 17, 2010 This happened on the show shaq vs when Tyson ran against shaq in a 60 meter race while shaq only ran 30 meters. Tyson's time was 6.08 sec.

What is world record for saying World Record?

324 is 1:30 one minute thirty

Can a horse go 60mph?

Nope. Average gallop is 30 mph. All time record for a short sprint is 55 mph.

What is the 30 meter sprint used for?

it is used as a sporting activity to test the ability of people with contest to gain the feeling of victory knowing that you are the best in the event

What is the swim record for 50 meter free for a ten years old male?

30-33 sec

What is hollow sprint method?

The hallow sprint method starts with a sprint for 30 meters, then a jog for 30 meters followed by a sprint for 30 meters and is finished with a jog for 30 meters. This is needed in football to be able to run down the pitch and to intercept loose balls before the opponent does.

How fast did Jesse Owens run?

Jesse Owens' gold medal winning time in the 100 meter dash in the 1936 Olympics was 10.30 seconds. Today, as of October 16, 2007 the world record in the 100 meter dash is 9.74 seconds. As of today 8/30/2009 the record is 9.58

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