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4.09 seconds

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Q: What is the world's fastest 40 meter time?
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Related questions

What is the fastest time a person has runt he 40 meter sprint?

The fastest child on earth is 7.4

What is the fastest 40 yard dash time?

The worlds fastest 40mm dash time 3.8sec _______________________________________________________________________ That is unofficial and unproven The official and proven fastest is 4.09 seconds.

What is the worlds fastest dog?

The Whippet is the fastest dog. It can can run about 40 miles per hour.

Worlds fastest 40 yard dash?

In 1986, Bo Jackson ran the fastest with 4.12 seconds.

What is the world record for worlds fastest texting?

THe world record for fastest texting is 140 characters in 40 seconds

Darrell green fastest 40 times?

Green's fastest recorded 40 time is 4.09 seconds. ------------------------- Green's fastest unrecorded 40 time is 3.81 seconds.

Fastest 40 time?

Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 40 yard dash, still considered the fastest verifiable 40 time as oposed to Darrel Green's unverifiable and uncertified 40 time of 4.09

Convert 100 meter time to 40 yard dash time?

11.72 100 meter time to 40 yard dash

Who has the fastest 40 yard dash time as a quarterback?

Michael Vick has the fastest time

How do you convert a 40 meter time into a 40 yard time?

1 meter = 1.0936133 yards 40 meters x 1.0936133 = 43.744 yardsSo 40 meters is roughly 43.7 yardsSay you ran a 5.10 40 meter sprint then you would do this:40/43.7 = .9153.9153 x 5.10 = 4.66So by running a 5.10 40 meter you ran about a 4.66 40 yard dashThere is a fundamental flaw in this. The start and the first thirty meters should not be included in the percentage because that is slower. The last 10 meter segment should be the only part adjusted. Using the seven fastest 100m sprinters over the past twenty years, their 30-40 meter segment is 18.76% of their overall 40 meter split. So the 18.76% of a 5.10 meter time would be .957.The extra 3.744 yards = 3.4235136 meters10m- 3.4235136m = 6.5764864mAs it is in value of ten, it is an easy conversion to 65.764864%0.65764864 x .957sec = 0.62936974848 sec5.10 seconds - .957 seconds = 4.143 seconds4.143sec + 0.62936974848 sec = 4.77 seconds

What is the nfl combines fastest 40 yard dash time?

The fastest NFL Combine 40 yard dash time is 4.06 seconds by Ted Ginn Jr.

Fastest 40 meter dash?

asante bolt clacked at 3.87 asante bolt clacked at 3.87

What is the fastest 40 in the world?

what was the fastest time in the 40 yard dash and by who? Me ha ha ha

What is the fastest 100 meter dash run by a 40 yr old male?

i am 40 yrs old and i can run the 100 metres in 10.30 seconds

40cm is what percent of a meter?

40 cm is 40/100 of a meter, or 40% of one meter.

What offensive lineman had the fastest 40 time in the combine?

The fastest offensive lineman of all time is a contemporary left tackle for the new England patriots. Kauzer ran a 4.43 40.

The worlds best 40 time?

3.8 seconds

Who ran the fastest 40 yard dash?

4.24 By Chris Johnson. This is the fastest most accurate time.

40 cm is what percent of a meter?

it is 40% of a meter, a meter is 100 cm.

What is pete's 40 yard dash if he ran a 5.0 40 meter dash?

His 5.0 40-meter dash translates to a time of 4.572 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Who is the NFL's fastest 40 yard dash time at the combine?

officially the fastest time ever posted was by CB Fabian Washington 4.29 Chris Johnson's 40 time at the Combine was 4.24

What was joey galloway's fastest 40 time?

4.28 maybe

What is the fastest 40-yard dash time?


Adrian Peterson fastest 40 time ran?


Fastest linebacker 40 yard dash time?