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I believe it's foul.

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Q: What is the word for striking a golf ball out of line?
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Is golf ball a compound word?

No, "ball" is a noun, modified by the adjective "golf." They are two separate words.

What is the right word for golf ball hit?

A stroke.

Another word for golf ball holders?

A Tee.

What does swat mean in golf?

a "Swat" or "SWAT" in golf is another word for a "scramble" or "best ball" tournament.

What is a 3 letter word that is a peg for a golfball?

A peg for a golf ball is a golf tee.

Name a sport that does not have the word ball in it?

Soccer, tennis, hockey, golf

Where did golf get its name?

The word golf came from the Dutch word 'kolf' when means club or bat. Golf is likely to mean 'goulf', (or, spelled gouff, goiff, goffe, goff, gowff, and golph etc. The concept of having only one correct spelling per word is a relatively modern notion,) which is an old Scottish term for striking or hitting.

How many dimples are on a pericle Lady golf ball?

Zero because a pericle does not exist ... it is not a word.

What is the word that is yelled out as a safety measure to warn golfers that a golf ball is coming towards them?


How do you use the word skillful in a sentence?

The man I met at the golf course was very skillful at driving the ball.

One word that is a noun verb and adjective?

The word "word" is a noun, adjective, and verb.Noun: "The words on the page blurred as she moved the magnifying glass".Verb: "I word my sentences carefully, so as not to confuse you."Adjective: "I like word games."There are many examples of words that serves as a noun, a verb, and an adjective: "golf", a noun, turns into an adjective in the terms "golf cart" and "golf ball". We also have it as a verb "to golf". You can do the same with "love", "trip", "summer", "winter", "dance", etc.

What are some synonyms for the term 'striking'?

The meaning of the word striking is extraordinary or beautiful. Some synonyms for the word striking are attractive, dazzling, remarkable, stunning and impressive.

What does fore mean?

In the sport of golf, when another play shouts the word "fore" it is a warning for the other players to move out of the way. This means that the golf ball is coming and it might hit them or get in the way.

How do you use the word striking in a sentence?

That's a striking example!

What is the Greek word for golf?

There is no Greek word for golf. We use the word ''golf'' or in Greek letters ''Γκόλφ''.

What does a person say when they hit the ball?

When you hit the ball in golf you do not need to say anything unless you see that the ball is going into a crowd or may hit someone else. Then the word to yell out is, "FORE". It's the warning word. I have heard some other words used when someone hits the ball into the woods but I can't write them here.

Can you give a sentence for the word boundary?

the ball went outside of the boundary line.

Is the inertia of a bowling ball equal to that of a golf ball?

In a word: NO. Inertia is a basically a measure of mass, or a body's resistance to a change in velocity. Standard golf balls all weigh 1.62 ounces. Bowling balls weigh from 7 to 16 pounds; or from 69 to 158 times more inertia.

What is the spanish word for golf?

golf = el golf

What word comes before ball drunk and line?


What part of speech is the word golf?

Golf is a noun, but to golf is a verb.

A word started with k witch mean striking with a foot?

Striking with a foot is kicking.

What is the opposite of golf?

The word "golf" has no opposite.

Is a hole a noun?

Yes. The word hole is a noun, meaning an aperture or tear. It can also be a verb meaning to make a hole, or to get a ball into the hole when playing golf.

Is golf a proper noun?

No, the noun golf is a common noun, a word for any golf of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Dr. Michael Golf DPM, Austin, TXGolf Center, Hoffman Estates, ILTitleist #1 Ball in Golf (trademarked logo)"Bill Clinton and the Dead Bookmaker on the Golf Course", a novel by Harry DiscoThe word golf is also a verb. See the link below for definitions.