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A dojo is a place to train or learn the way. They can be made of any material, or can simply exist outside.

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Q: What is the wood with which dojos are made of?
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Where did samurai train?

in Dojos

Where is Judo taught?

Judo is taught in Dojos

What is the secret code for class dojos?


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Kickin' It - 2011 Dueling Dojos 3-2 was released on: USA: 8 April 2013

What are Japan' s famous land features?

temples and dojos

Where is stone door in club penguin?

the stone door was opened by sensei when the ninja party was on and anyone was aloud in the other dojos and ninja hideout but now only members are aloud in the other dojos.(non-members not aloud in fire and water dojos): (note:ice dojo coming soon, same rule non-members)

What are wood cabins made of?

Wood cabinets are made of wood!

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Where do samurai keep their weapons?

I have heard them having dojos and keeping them in there. But i may be wrong.

Where are all the dojos in okami?

shinshu field, north ryoshima coast, and kamui

What man made wood are called?

Man made wood are called engineered wood or composite wood,

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