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Q: What is the winning score for women's single in badminton?
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What is the maximum score in badminton in double?

the maximum score of badminton is 25

What does a scorer do in badminton?


What is the role of score keeper in badminton?

To keep score.

How many points do women play to in badminton?

Badminton matches scoring goes up to 21 regardless of whether the game is singles, mixed doubles, mens or womens doubles. However the game can only be won only when the player is two points lead of the other player and a permissable score up till a maximum of 30. 21 points limit can only be disregarded only when trying to attain a 2 points lead. Examples:21-19 is a winning score21-20 not a winning score; but 22-20 is; However30-29 is a winning score22-15 is a non-permissable score; 21-15 is enough to win the match

What are the score in badminton?

Score means the points made by you and your opponent.

Who can score points in badminton?

The bowler.

Who is the only player who can score a point in badminton?


What is the maximum score for a badminton game?

the maximum score of badminton is 21 but depend on the score for example the score is 21-20 that dosen't count unless it is 22-20 so make sure the score for the leading player is leading by 2 point.

What is the average single game jeopardy winning score?

Single games scores range up to $77,000 and at one time the prize sizes were smaller. The Jeopardy Archive does not list the Average winning score or amount and most winners are between 10 and 20 thousand dollars a game

What is one way you can score in Badminton?

a way to score is if the opponents miss the birdie and it hits the ground

In badminton If you have a score of 8 then you would serve from which side?


What does the badminton umpire do?

Keeps score - and enforces the rules of the game.

Who can make points in badminton?

only the server can score points in Badminton games usually go to 15 points

What is the winning score in singles badminton?

The BWF Badminton Super Series Championship it suppose to play 21 points. If you are normal playing with you friends or you parents if you like it you can play 11 or also 21 points. Normally ,when you are normal playing everybody will play 11 points.

What is the winning score in volleyball?


In badminton you must win the game by at least how many points?

You must win the game by 2 clear points this means 21 - 20 could not be a winning score it would have to be 22 - 20

What is setting in badminton?

Setting' in badminton becomes an option when, in a game to 15 points, the score reaches 13-13. If the players choose to 'set,' then the score is wiped to 0-0, and the first person to score five points wins.

How can maths be used in badminton?

Keeping score. Measuring out the playing area.

How can mathematics be used in badminton?

counting the score. It goes up to 21

How do you score in Badminton?

when the opponent hits out or when the shuttle falls inside their half.

What is the rule of scorer in badminton?

The rule of the scorer is to keep check of the score.

Can girls play badminton?

Of course girls can play badminton. In fact, women's badminton is an Olympic sport (women's singles, doubles, and mixed doubles)I agree...I'm a boy and I've lost so bad to girls at badminton in the past, including games where I couldn't score a single point or hit the shuttlecock once. Girls are better than us at it!

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How do you score badminton double?

if it is on the last line of server it is outside and of course both right side or left side of the badminton court....

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