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about 20 to 30 million

Actually, that's the potential reward for playing in the Premiership (and it will soon stand at over £70m if the proposed 4 years worth of £44m parachute payments is approved). The actuall prize money for winning the Coca Cola Championship is a mere £50,000, with the runner up trousering just £25,000, whichjust about covers the monthly salary for the average CCC player. It's ridiculous, especially when you look at the millions paid to the team who finishes last in the Premier League.

The Premier League is a closed shop - they would love to scrap relegation and promotion completely, and just "look after their own". It's no wonder many clubs down the pyramid face uncertain futures when the FA, remember they are the ones charged with looking after the wellbeing of the game, perpetuate the inequalities in wealth distribution. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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Q: What is the winners prize money for the coca cola championship league?
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