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Q: What is the winners prize money for the Coca-Cola league 1?
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What prize money do the winners of the football league 2 winners get?


League 2 winners prize money?


What was the prize money for Liverpool winning the league cup?

The winners of the League Cup win £100,000.

What is the prize money for champions league winners?

Barcelona won 40 million pounds

How much does champion league worth?

The Champions League is worth a lot of money. The winners of the Champions League get 10.5 millions euros as a cash prize.

What is the prize money for the winners of the UEFA champions league?

It changes every year but it is around 10 million

How much money does the winner of the Champions League football in Europe get?

For 2015, the winners prize money is €10,500,000. That changes each year.

What do the winners of the archibald prize get?

The winners used to get $35 000 but now receive $50 000 in prize money

What is the reward for champions league winner?

Although, there is no official estimate of their winning money, Uefa CL winners usually win around 40-50m in prize money. For ex - Chelsea won 47.7m pounds in prize money in 2012.

Is there a league table for premier league season ticket prices?

Yes. But no prize for the winners

How much is the prize money for the carling cup 2009?

£100,000 is the prize money for the carling cup winners

How much Prize Money Wimbledon players win?

The total prize money pot for 2010 was £ 13,725,000. The Men's and Women's singles winners both received an amount of £ 1,000,000 each. For 2011 total prize money is £ 14,600,000 and singles winners will receive £ 1,100,000 each.

How much is the prize money for uefa champions league team winner?

With bonuses and extra money included, Champions League winning clubs accumulate 40-50m in prize money. For example, Real Madrid got 46m in prize money and Chelsea won 46m in prize when they won the league.

How much prize money does winners at Wimbledon get in 2012?


How much prize money do winners get for Wimbledon?

Winners £1.000.000 Runners up £500.000

What sport has the best prize money?

Baseball has the best prize money when you win in a league.

What is the prize money for the winners in Australian Open 2011?

2,200,000 pound.

What is the prize money of Oscar?

There is no prize money involved with the Academy Awards other than the financial benefits that movies and winners often receive after their successes.

How much did Chelsea have in champions league 2012?

I think you mean their prize money. Chelsea made approximately 46m in prize money after winning champions league.

What is the Stanley Cup prize money for the winners?

Winning team splits $1,000,000

Who are the all time top tennis prize money winners?

Roger federer

Where can a list of premium bond winners be located?

A list of premium bond winners can be located on the 'This is Money' website. They have lists of winners, the numbers, size of the prize and date of the purchase.

How much is the prize money for winning the champions league final?

Currently, the prize money for winning the Champions League is 10.5 million euros. It is given to the team which wins the cup.

Where do nobel prize winners collect their money?

I think they collect it at the Stolkholm Concert Hall

What prize money for finishing second in league 2?

You get an awesome prize of finishing second.