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15 8 lsu

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Q: What is the win loss record of LSU Texas football games?
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What was univeristy of Alabama 1964 record in football?

10-1 ... their only loss was to Texas in the Orange Bowl.

What is the win loss record of UGA football games for 2001?

The Dawgs finished 9-3 with a loss to Boston College in the Music City Bowl

What is the win loss record of Arkansas against Alabama football?

Through the 2009 season, Arkansas has an all time record of 21-56 against Texas.

What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Michigan State football games?

The Wolverines lead 67-29-5

What is the win-loss record of Iowa vs Michigan football games?

Michigan leads the all-time series, 40-13-4.

What is Penn State's win-loss record against Texas tech in football?

Through the 2008 season, Penn State and Texas Tech have met once in football. That was September 9, 1995 and Penn State won, 24-23, in State College.

What is win-loss record Texas tech and texas a and m?

Tech 33 am 30