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The win/loss record for the Chicago Bears currently is 18 wins and 32 losses as of 27Sept2010

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Q: What is the win loss record for the bears on monday night?
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What is the win loss record for the bears and vikings?

it depends on the year

What NFL team has the best overall win loss record?

Chicago Bears

What was the win loss record of the bears in 2011?

the bears were 8 -8 they started losing when jay cutlur got injured

What is the buccaneers all time win loss record against the bears?


What was the Chicago Bears win loss record so far in 2009?


What is ax cardinals record playing Sunday games at 1 00pm est?

The Az Cardinals are playing the NY Giants on Sunday at 10 pm. This is can recorded on the TV. What is the Az Cardinals win loss record the week after playing a Monday night game?

What was the biggest loss on Monday night football?

Wanna ave sex

What is Rex Grossman's win-loss record with the Bears?

From 2003 until current, Grossman has 19 wins and 11 losses as a starting quarterback with the Chicago Bears.

What is all time win loss record of the Chicago Bears?

W-699 l-510 t-42

What is the Chicago Bears Super Bowl record?

One win (Superbowl XX) and one loss (Superbowl XLI)

What is the Chicago Bears franchise win loss record versus seattle?

As of the 2008 season, Seattle leads the all time series against the Bears, 7-3.

The Bengals gave up 661 yards to which Monday Night Football opponent in 1982?

The Bengals allowed 661 yards to the San Diego Chargers in a 50-34 loss in the Monday night game on December 20, 1982.