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2.5 meters

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Q: What is the width of a lane in an Olympic size pool?
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How long is an Olympic size pool?

An Olympic size pool is length 50 m (164 ft) by Width 25 m (82 ft).

What is the width of track in semi Olympic size pool?

100cm by 200cm

How long Olympic size pool?

An Olympic size pool is length 50 m (164 ft) by Width 25 m (82 ft). It has ten lanes.

How long is the Olympics size pool?

An Olympic-sized swimming pool is 50m in length. According to the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the specifications for an Olympic-size pool are as follows: Length 50m (164ft) width 25m (82ft) lane width 2.5m (8'2") water temp 25 - 28oC (77 - 82oF) min depth 2m (6'7") Volume min. 2,500m3 (88,000ft3)

How wide is a Olympic size pool?

lenghth 50 m width 25 m

How many meters in a full-size lap pool?

A full size Olympic lap pool is 50 meters in length. The width of the pool depends on space and usage requirements.

Gallons of water in an olympic pool?

The length has to be 50m and the width has to be 25m to be an Olympic size swimming pool. An Olympic size swimming pool also has to be at least 2m deep. So a minimum volume of 2500m³, which equates to 2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal; 660,000 US gal).

What size of semi Olympic pool?

50m for full Olympic pool. 25m for half of a Olympic pool

How many gallons of water in olympic swimming pool?

depends on how big the swimming pool is An Olympic swimming pool is a standard size so you must take the legnth times the width times the depth and convert the cubic yards to gallons.

How long is the Beiging Olymipic Games swimming pool?

The pool is standard Olympic size: 50 meters The pool is standard Olympic size: 50 meters

What is the size of an Olympic pool?


How many laps are one mile in an olympic size pool?

32 in a 50metere (Olympic pool)

Photo of swimming pool olympic size?

is this what you mean? this is 50 meters, (olympic size)

Volume of Olympic pool?

FINA sets the standards for the size of Olympic pools. The volume of an Olympic-size swimming pool is 660,430 gallons or 88,287 cubic feet.

What is the size of a half Olympic sized pool in the US?

An Olympic-sized pool is 50m, so half would be a 25m pool.

How much does an indoor Olympic size pool cost?

$120 A Bottom Surface SF ANSW:: most people refer to a 20 x 40' residential pool as an Olympic pool... IT IS NOT AN OLYMPIC POOL size pool and nowhere near it. The 20 x 40' pool would fit several times inside an Olympic.

What is the standard size of a lane for swimming in a pool?

A standard lane of a 50m pool should be 50m long and 2.5m wide

How long is a profesionel swimming pool?

I am assuming by professional, you mean Olympic size. An Olympic size pool is 50 meters. The most common lap pool is 25 yards.

What is the size of a mini Olympic pool?

There is no such thing

How water is in Olympic Size Pool?


How many laps in an Olympic size pool equal one mile?

16 laps or 32 lengths if you were in a 50 meter Olympic size pool.

How many meters is the length of a swimming pool?

Depends on the size of the pool. An Olympic size pool is 50 meters in length.

What size is an olympic pool?

An olympic pool is 50 m long, 25m wide and it has 8-10 lanes

Size of olympic swimming pool?

Size of an Olympic swimming pool is very huge. It is used to held different swimming sports. Roughly it is the size of 88,000 cubic meter.

How long is olympic pool?

In Europe, the answer is unequivocally 50 meters. However, in the United States the term "Olympic size pool" usually refers to a pool that is half that size, or 25 meters.