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The standard width of a hockey turf is 55.00m (fifty-five point zero zero metres), including the width of the backlines which they end at.

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Q: What is the width in yards of a field hockey field?
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What is the width of a field hockey field?

60 yards wide

How many yards are there in field hockey?

There are two 25 yard marks and one 50 yard line. So there are 100 yards on a field hockey field!

How wide is a field hockey field?

60 yards wide

The perimeter of a rectangular field is 314 yards. If the length of the field is 95 yards what is its width?

The width works out as 62 yards Check: 2*(62)+2*(95) = 314 yards

What is thw width of a football field?

The width of a standard (NFL) football field is 160 ft. (53 1/3 yards) ======================== In Canada, the width of the field is 65 yards.

What is the length of a field hockey field?

100 yards like a football field

The length of a new rectangle playing field is 8 yards longer than quadruple the width If the perimeter of the rectangle playing field is 496 yards What are its dimensions?

The length is 200 yards and the width is 48 yards.length + width = 248 yards, and length = (4 x width) + 8 yards.substituting (4 x width) + 8 yards for length,(4 x width) + 8 yards + width = 248 yards;simplifying, width = 240/5 yards = 48 yards;then length = 248 - 48 yards = 200 yards

What is the total width in yards of the penalty area of a regulation field for soccer 09?

44 yards is the total width.

What are the dimentions of a hockey field?

100 by 25 yards

What is the width of the field hockey goalpost?

2 3/8"

What is the width of CFL field?

a cfl field is longer it is 150 yard(with end zones) and nfl is 120 yards with end zones so cfl field is longer

What is Football field sideline width?

40 yards across.