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6.1m in width

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Q: What is the width in cms of all lines on a badminton court?
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What is the size of a badminton court for singles?

There are a set of lines on each court that dictate the boundary lines. For doubles, during the serve, the boundaries are the widest at the sides and short at the back (the innermost lne), and after the serve, it's full court, meaning the boundaries expand to the all of the outermost lines. For singles, from serve to game start, the boundaries will remain the same - the sidelines are the innermost lines and the back line is the outermost line.

What are all the stuff you need for badminton?

A net, 2-4 racquets and a means to mark out the court.

Is row width adjusts automatically to include additional lines until all the text is visible?

Row width does not adjust. You can adjust column width or row height.

What are the overall dimensions of the badminton court?

Singles court is 17' x 44', doubles court is 20' x 44' with a 5'-0" minimum unobstructed area on all sides

What are the names of all the lines in a basketball court?

the backstreet boys

What is the relationship between lines and shapes?

Lines are two connected points with length but no width. When the end points of lines are all shared by other lines a shape is formed. This shape is known as a polygon.

Are all the lines on a bar code the same width?

No. The point of a barcode is that the combination of thin and fat lines makes a unique code to identify the product by.

What country is badminton played at?

badminton is mostly played in all the countries

Which of these sports are similar to each other when is comes to racquetball and sqash tennis and squash or badminton and racquetball?

Court configuration aside for all four sports... For strokes and general play, squash and racquetball are most similar. For court strategy and the value of physical conditioning, badminton and squash are most similar.

Why is speed needed in badminton?

to reach all areas of the court in time to hit the next shot and score more points than opponent.

Why do you like badminton?

Not all people like badminton but it can be a healthy sport to play.

What equipment used in badminton?

Equipment used is badminton includes battledore and shuttlecock. While the tool for playing the badminton game is the racket. All badminton equipment is lightweight

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