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Q: What is the wheelbase on a 1979 super cab long box?
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What is the wheelbase on a 1979 f250 reg cab long box?

133 inches

What is Wheelbase on a 1969 Chevy C10?

115 inch for short box. 127 inch for long box

What is the wheelbase measurement for a 1988 Chevy s10 reg cab short box?

According to the Haynes manual: Short wheelbase truck (reg cab with short box, also blazer and Jimmy); 108.3 inches long wheelbase truck (reg cab with long box) 117.9 inches Truck with club cab; 122.9 inches

How long is a e350 box truck?

It depends on the wheelbase/chassis, but in general the boxes range 12-18ft. and overall length 20-24ft.

Will a 1990 f150 supercab fit on a 16 foot trailer?

If it is a car hauled, yes. A 1990 Ford F-150 SuperCab short box has a wheelbase roughly 11.5 feet long and the overall length is about 18.25 feet A 1990 Ford F-150 SuperCab long box has a wheelbase roughly 12.9 feet long and the overall length out 19.6 feet. It will hang off, but can be hauled.

What is the length of a longbed s10 frame?

Wheelbase: Regular cab short box - 108.3" Regular cab long box - 117.9" Extended cab short box - 122.9" See

What is the wheel base of a 1985 S-10 extended cab short box?

the wheelbase is 122.9"

When was The Bocephus Box created?

The Bocephus Box was created in 1979.

Where is the fuse box at on a 1979 Honda goldwing gl1000?

Fuse box on 1979 Goldwing is in small black box forward of the fuel tank filler cap.

When was A Black Box created?

A Black Box was created in 1979-11.

Starview the box super codes to get channels back?

has any one got the box super codes?

What is is curb weight of a 1998 GMC 2500 pick up with 2wd and a 5.7L motor?

For 1998 GMC Sierra series pickups C-2500 4x2, the curb weights are: 4,292 lbm (Reg cab, 8" cargo box, 131.5" wheelbase) 4,433 lbm (Extended cab, 6.5" cargo box, 141.5" wheelbase) 5,107 lbm (Extended cab, 8" cargo box, 155.5" wheelbase) This is from the 1998 Gasoline Truck Index. The weights listed are presumably for the standard 5.0L engine, not the optional 5.7L. The Truck Index does not indicate the weight difference between the engines.