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Q: What is the weight of the Callaway Uniflex shaft?
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What companies sell uniflex steel golf shafts?

True Temper sells a uniflex steel shaft. This flex is soft, like a regular shaft but is supposed to be as stable as a stiff shaft and helps to increase the trajectory of the ball. Callaway and Nike have options for purchasing clubs with True Temper Uniflex Shafts.

What manufacturer makes callaway's stock golf shafts?

True Temper makes their steel shafts now, called Uniflex. Previously they were made by Royal Precision and were called Constant Weight Series. One shaft is stepped and the other stepless.

What is uniflex?

Uniflex was designed to fit the widest range of golfers possible. Ideal for golfers with a swing speed of 75 to 95 mph.They are a light weighted shaft with mid kickpoint design.

What is the callaway uniflex golf shaft?

They say its some where in between a regular flex and stiff flex.

How fast do you need to swing to hit a uniflex shaft?

Golfers with iron swings between 80-90 miles per hour are well suited to play a regular flex shaft

What is firm shaft flex?

Callaway make this shaft flex, it is designed in between a regular flex and stiff flex shaft.

What is the difference between uniflex and regular shafts?

1. Not sure2. From Ebay buying guide flex vs. uniflexConsider shaft flex (the amount of bend in a shaft) when you shop. Beginners will want more flex than experienced golfersA: Geared toward seniors.Regular: Designed for average players with a 75 to 90mph swing speed.Stiff/ Firm/ Extra stiff: Designed for people with a swing speed between 90 to 110mph.Uniflex: Varying flex to fit most swing speeds.

What does 5.0 rifle on a callaway shaft mean?

It is a Rifle shaft or Rifle Project X, a very very popular shaft, 5.0 plays very close to regular flex.

How do you calculate weight of shaft?

The weight of a shaft can be calculated using the formula: weight = density * volume * acceleration due to gravity. The density and volume of the shaft material will need to be known in order to plug them into the formula.

Are calloways irons stiff or flex?

You can get them in regular, uniflex or stiff, depends which ones you have/get.

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