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Minimum weight is 1,415lbs.

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Q: What is the weight of formula 1 race car?
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What is a palindrome for a formula 1 transport?

Race car is a palindrome for a formula 1 transport

What is the decibel level of a formula 1 car?

147dB Based on Formula 1 race car full throttle drive bye

Is there a formula 3 race car?

Yes, it is one of the stepping stones up to Formula 1

What is the fastest time for a formula 1 race car?

It depends where they are racing at

What is the mass of a formula 1 car?

It depends on the car, because different manufacturers will build different cars and use different designs. A car has to weigh at least 605kg to enter a race, including the driver, fluids and on-board cameras. The overall weight will be determined by the starting weight, fuel and the drivers weight.

How much does a formula one car weigh?

A formula 1 car has to weight a minimum of 600kg including the driver.

What is the average weight loss for a Formula 1 driver during a single race?

== == An average driver in a Formula One race loses about 2-3 kgs of weight after just one race, due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperatures.

When building race cars should they be heavy or light?

You would want as little weight as possible on a race car, so that a smaller force can propel it to a higher speed than with a heavier vehicle. However, in most championships there are restrictions which don't allow you to go below a certain minimum weight. It is currently about 600kg in Formula 1. Sometimes, to make the car stable, extra weight may need to be added, but the design of a race car proves to (usually) be stable enough.

What is the ratio of a cheetah to a Formula 1 race car?

A cheetah is around 250 kmh slower than a Formula One car. The cheetah would only win if the Formula One car was travelling slowly.

Who was the formula 1 car race winner held in greater noida?

Sebastian Vettel

What is the weight in pounds of a formula 1 car?

Minimum - 1320 lbs

Tire weight of Formula 1 car?

33.8 pounds rear

What is the average acceleration of a Formula 1 race car?

An F1 car can reach up to 350kph during a race. 0-60 in 2-2.5 seconds.

What is the first Formula 1 car suppiled by Alfa Romeo?

The first Formula 1 car to be supplied by Alfa Romeo was at the 1950 British GP. Where they won almost every race with same driver.

Who is the Australian formula 1 race car driver?

At the moment, there's only Mark Webber.

What is the formula 1 racing car are built using a composite material?

Formula One race cars are constructed primarily of Carbon Fiber.

What would win in a race in Indy car or a Formula One?

Which race? A dragster is faster than both, but only runs a straight line for 1/4 mile. NASCAR and Formula 1 cars run different races, different tracks.

Why is formula1 called formula1?

When a certain car met a certain criteria with weight and added things on the car it was classed as "1" and Formula is supposed to mean the best of a car, such as Formula Renault and such strongest of the cars go there so it was called Formula and classed 1.

Is the Indianapolis 500 a formula 1 race?

The Indianapolis 500 the top level of American Championship Car racing, an open-wheel formula better known as "Indy Car Racing."

How high does the speedometer go on a race car?

Racing cars such as those in Formula 1 racing do not have speedometers

The cost of a formula 1 race car?

the cost of a farrari is free when you become an official racer from frank

What car is faster on a race track a f1 car or a buggatti veyron?

The Formula 1 car is faster on a race track, due to aerodynamics, tires and other factors making it more adaptable in cornering at high speeds

How fast can a racing car get?

The fastest recorded speed of a Formula 1 car during a race was 369.9 km/h (229.8 mph)

Which car racer lost his two legs in Formula 1 racing?

Alessandro Zanardi was a Formula 1 driver before, and he has lost his two legs in a race, but it was IRL, not F1.

How many liters of fuel in a formula 1 car?

There should be the minimum of 210 Liters of Fuel in a Formula 1 Tank of 160 Kg's worth of Fuel at the start of race.