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Standardized weight of a tennis ball varies from 56,69 grams to 58,5 grams.

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Q: What is the weight of a tennis ball?
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What does tennis ball weight?

a tennis ball weighs 2-2.5 ounces!!

What is the weight of the ball of table tennis?

Table tennis ball should weigh 2.7g

Which tennis ball bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

The dry tennis ball will bounce higher, if you use the same amount of force, the wet tennis ball will slide a bit when it hits the ground and bounce lower. In short, the weight of the water will make the tennis ball heavier, with the weight of the water keeping it from bouncing as high.

What makes a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

The Tennis ball is smaller and has less weight than a basketball. The tennis ball will also have less drag.

Weight of tennis ball?

maybe 330g ish

Does weight affect the bounce of a tennis ball?


The weight of the ping pong ball?

A table tennis ball weighs 2.7g.

Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

Yes. The force applied by the catapult will cause an acceleration on the tennis ball that is inversely proportional to the mass of the tennis ball.

Why does a lacrosse ball bounce higher than a tennis ball?

B/c lacrosse ball have a more weight when descending when you drop it than a tennis ball

What falls faster dry tennis ball or a wet tennis ball?

Wet, because in has more weight on it. If a tennis ball is wet it can't bounce it just falls and stays on the ground.

Weight of a tennis ball?

1.975-2.095 ounces is regulation.

How much does a table tennis ball weight in newtons?

A tennis ball is 0.125 pounds. A forceof0.125 Ibs converts to 0.556 newtons.

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