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Official softball weight is 6.8 oz

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2011-01-02 23:58:39
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Q: What is the weight of a softball?
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What is the weight of a softball not the size?

Official softball weight is 6.8 oz

How much does a softball weigh?

Official softball weight is 6.8 oz

What is the weight of a fastpitch softball?

The weight of a fastfitch softball varies from its size. They aren't that heavy, but they sometimes are if big enough

What is the weight of softball?

6 to 7 oz

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

How many laces are on a Softball?

It can vary by the size and weight of the ball.

What is the weight of a softball bat?

26 ounces is good for senios

What are the requirements for height and weight of a softball player?

there are no restrictions. it doesnt matter.

What is the weight of a soft ball?

For a 12-inch softball the weight must be between 6.25 and 7 ounces.

Does the weight of the softball bat affect how far the softball will go?

No...well, yes...and no. Bats weigh about--what, two pounds? A-And a batter swings around...50-ish MPH? Get what I'm saying? Weight and velocity.

What is the difference in weight between a softball and baseball?

0.6 ounces . Hope this helps!

What is a Slowpitch Softball Bat?

You may be wondering what the difference is among a slowpitch softball bat, a fastpitch softball bat and a regular baseball bat. The difference is in the technology of designing the bat. The length, weight and barrel diameter, among other features, are the main differences. Manufacturers have determined the size and weight that are optimal for hitting a slowpitch softball versus fastpitch, and have designed them accordingly.softballpickles .com

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