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Since "air" does not weigh anything, the overall weight then of the Basketball would be the same if inflated or deflated.

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Q: What is the weight of a basketball when deflated?
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Do deflated balls get flater?

yes it does because of your weight

Basketball losing air?

has a hole in it. Or it could just be a bit deflated over time.

Which has more mass an inflated basketball or a deflated basketball?

an inflated because it takes up more room than a deflated one It depends on how you define the basketball. If you define it as just the rubber, then the mass does not change when it is inflated. If you consider the air inside the ball to be part of the ball then adding more air adds more mass. Mass is "stuff". Air has mass because air is stuff.

Which ball has the greatest kinetic energy a marble basketball beach ball or a table tennis ball?

the basketball will have more potential energy than the rest due to its weight.

How do you make a ballsack?

you buy one at the store :) [Other Answer] You get a deflated ball and inflate it. Afterwards drop it into a hoop and you have made your very own basketball! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What is a good sentence using the word deflated?

Her ego was deflated when something negative was said about her in public. The tire deflated when he ran over a nail. They deflated the pool to put it up for the winter.

What makes a basketball so heavy?

Because of the weight of the basketball.

What is a deflated balloon?

The word "deflated" means that all of the air or gas has been let out. So, a deflated balloon is one that no longer has any air in it.

Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

What is the difference in weight between a girls basketball and a boys basketball?

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

Weight of basketball is?

the weight of a basketball is usually around 20 ounces. or a pund and 4 ounces. hope this answers your quesion.

How do you lose weight but have big breasts?

You can't. Breasts are made up of breast tissue which is mostly fat, the more weight you lose, generally speaking the smaller and more deflated your breasts will become.

Does an inflated bike tube weigh more than a deflated bike tube?

It certainly would be heavier. Air has mass and will add weight.

Can you lose weight playing basketball everyday?

yes you can lose weight playing basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.

What is the average weight of a basketball?

22 oz. in NCAA Men's Basketball

What is the wieght of a basketball?

the NBA regulation weight for a basketball is 3 lbs

What is the official weight of an official basketball?

An NBA basketball weights 22 ounces

Example of avogadro's law?

The most basic example is pumping air into a deflated basketball. car tier bike tier things like that By increasing the number of gas molecules, volume increases.

What is a deflated sac?

sac deflated is a organization to keep the Sacramento kings (nba team) in Sacramento.

Official weight of mens basketball?

the offical weight is 20-22oz

What is the average weight for a basketball player?

there is no answer

What is the weight of a baden basketball?


Do less bouncy basktballs shoot better than the bouncy baskballs?

Yes because when you go to shoot the "bouncy" basketball it is easier for it to bounce back off. You don't want to have a very bouncy basketball, but you don't want to have one that is to deflated. When you have one with the perfect amount of air, you should get the perfect shot!

What is the meaning of deflated?

To release the air in something, eg a balloon. It can also be to reduce, eg a persons happiness can be deflated :)

What does deflated mean?

Deflated means all the air has been let out of something, say, a balloon or soccer ball. It's the opposite of inflated. Figuratively, deflated means you are unhappy or lost confidence in yourself or someone else.