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Weight is 115 max, no height limit, and 16 is the minimum age.

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Q: What is the weight and height limits for a jockey also what is the minimum age?
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What is the minimum weight of a jockey at the Kentucky Derby?

colts in the Kentucky Derby carry 126 pounds, fillies carry 121 pounds, so the minimum weight for a jockey in the derby is 121 pounds.

How tall can a jockey be?

A jockey can pretty much be any height. They just have to weight 115 or under.

What is the ideal height for a race horse jockey?

There are no minimum or maximum height requirements for jockeys. However, because jockeys are so light-weighted, the typical height ranges between 4โ€10 and 5โ€6 feet.

What is the height limit to become a Jockey?

There is no height limit, most horse jockeys range from 5'1''-5'5'', the tallest horse jockey was 6'1''. The qualifications to be a jockey depends on their weight and the discipline or type of racing the horse is used for.

What is the age and or height and weight for sitting in the front seat in Georgia?

The minimum weight is 40 pounds and the minimum height is 4'9".

What is the minimum weight for Major League Baseball players?

There is no minimum weight or height for MLB players.

How much do you need to weigh to be anorexic?

Weight Watchers has height and weight ranges. Your weight needs to be below the minimum weight for your height.

What is the minimum weight for a pony racing jockey?

i dont know because i cant find out tell me a website i on can find it out

What is weight of a grand national jockey?

The weights due to be carried by Grand National runners range from a minimum of 10 stone (140lb) to a maximum of 11 stone 10 pounds (164 lbs). This includes the weight of the "tack" (saddle etc) as well as the jockey.

How much does a steeplechase jockey weigh?

There is no set weight or height limit for steeplechase jockeys, unlike their flat counterparts.

Minimum weight for baseball major league?

There is no minimum weight or height to play Major League just better be able to play well.

Could a race horse jockey win a race on foot?

lol that really depends on who they're racing against, but possibly. A jockey's life used to be just being the right weight no matter what the consequences, and they were so weak that they would sometimes faint in the middle of a race, but they raised the minimum weight limit so jockey's are a lot healthier and stronger now.

What is the weight requirements for the US Army?

The United States Army has a weight and height requirement. The weight requirements for the US Army is 91 pound minimum and 250 pound maximum and depends on your height.

Could you be a jockey your 5'3?

Yes. There is no height limit only a weight limit. Apprentice jockeys need to weigh 105 pounds. After that between 110-115.

Average height of jockey?

Normally, jockeys are fairly short but not because there is a height limit. Instead, there is a weight limit assigned to each horse and the rider and his equipment must not exceed that limit. Usually jockeys are shorter than 5'6" due to the weight consideration.

Is a 21 year old girl having weight 139 pounds of weight and height 5 feet 4.5 inches normal?

Your BMI is well within accepted limits. I think it is a very good weight for your height and age.

Is there a standard weight limit for box trucks or does it vary by state?

Currrently, standard weight limits apply to the total truck and not just the box. Federal law established the minimum weight requirements with four basic limits for single axle, double axle, bridge and gross vehicle weight. Only seven States curretly apply the federal limits; the reminaing States apply some combination of the standard limits.

What is a maxi and the minimum of weight for girl near to 13?

Height is needed but using the height of 5 feet these are some answers: Max healthy weight: 115 lbs Min. Heathly weight: 80 lbs

Average weight of a Horse Jockey?

10 stone for a jump jockey and 8.7 stone for flat jockey.

What weight do you have to be to leave a booster seat?

The AAP instructs to go by height, not weight now (2010) -- a minimum height for a child's no longer needing a booster seat is four feet, nine inches. 4'9."

How can hypercholesterolemia be prevented?

Experts suggest the following steps to maintain serum cholesterol within normal limits: an important component is to maintain a normal weight for height and to reduce one's weight if it is inappropriate for height. Changing dietary habits.

Was there ever a height requirement for the US Navy?

Yes - the current height/weight requirements for Navy men and women is: Minimum height (Both) 51" (4'3") Weight (Max) Men 97lbs, Women 102lbs Maximum height (Both) 86" (6'8") Weight (Max) Men 271lbs, Women 263lbs

What is the weight limit for the USMC?

If you are above the weight you will be put on limited food during boot camp, if you are below then you will be in a special weight gaining session thing. but it depends on your height. Height (Inches)Maximum Standard (Pounds)Minimum Standard (Pounds)5813291591369460141976114610062150104631551076416011065165114661701176717612168181125691861287019213271197136722031407320814474214148752201527622615677232160782381647924416880250173

What is the official jockey weight of a Kentucky Derby rider?

There is no official weight for a Kentucky Derby jockey. The weight is assigned to the horses. The amount of weight carried by colts in the Derby is 126 pounds. Fillies carry 121 pounds. If a jockey weighs less than either of those weights, then additional weight is added to the saddle of the horse to achieve the desired weight.

How do you train to become a jockey?

To be a jockey you have to be able to ride a fast horse and loose a lot of weight