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Q: What is the weight and dimensions of the ball in football?
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Why is the weight of football not more than the specified weight?

the weight of the football is not more than the approved weight because the player will face problem to kick the ball as the ball becomes very heavy

What is the football weight?

The weight of a football is 1 pound it is kinda heavy for that ball but it isn't for those buff guys cici 1-3-11

Why is the weight of football not more or less than its specified weight?

-- The ball is manufactured in such a way as to have the specified final weight. -- A ball with more or less than the specified weight would not be eligible to be used in competition, and would be removed from play by the officials.

What are the dimensions of a tennis ball?

The standard tennis ball have a diameter between 65.41 mm and 68.58 mm and they have 56.7 g to 58.5 g of weight. They are made in a stitchless manner.

What are the dimensions of a soccer ball?

Circumference: 27 to 28 inches Weight: 14 to 16 ounces Pressure: 8.5 to 15.6 psi

Is there a difference between a welsh rugby ball and the rest?

No. Rugby ball weight, dimensions and pressures are governed by the IRB (International Rugby Board). The regulation for this are on their site under the heading of Rules and Regulations

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

Will a heavier football go further?

No the weight of the ball will slow it down then gravity will take hold and it will fall to the ground

What is the difference between the ball of basketball and the ball of football?

A soccer ball is round, a football is shaped like a lemon. A soccer ball is smooth, a football has some grip. A soccer ball is a lot bigger than a football.

Which sports are played in Armenia?

The sports more played in Armenia are:chess,football,volley ball,weight lifting,and gymnastics.

What is Gaelic football made of?

A Gaelic Football ball is a leather ball, similar to the ball used in soccer.

What is a three-dimentional shape?

On paper = 2 dimensions Physical = 3 dimensions Examples: a square is 2 dimensions and a cube is 3 dimensions a circle is 2 dimensions and a ball is 3 dimensions