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Q: What is the wage of a semi professional cricket player?
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Who is a professional soccer player?

A professional soccer player is someone who is payed a wage to pley the sport. Effectively someone who plays soccer for a living.

What is th wage of professional dancers?

how much wage do you get for being a profesnal dancer

How much money does a Thai professional football player earn?

On average £12,790 that is alot in Thailand but in England thats just above National Minimum Wage

Most local officials professional politicians?

Most local officials are not professional politicians. Most local officials receive a very small wage or no wage at all for their service.

Salary for each player at Chelsea?

Professional football players wages are never released to the public officially. Each players wage is determined on many different factors.

What is the average wage of a UK football player?

the average wage is 80,000 grand a week

What is the Minimum wage for basketball players?

The minimum wage for a NBA player is 780,000$

What is the average wage for a cricket player in Australia?

Austrlian Cricket wages..... State player; 40000-120000 base salery 5000 4 day, 2500 one day 20/20 match fees Australian Players; Top 25 players contracted to Cricket Australia. 140000- up to 700000 base salery 15000 test, 5500 one day, 3600 20/20 Indian Premier League;200000-1.5 mil Sponsership;Top Players earn up to 1 million a year If a player who plays all form of the game as well as IPL and sponsership earn up to 3 mil+ Not bad for playing Cricket

What the yearly wage for an pro baseball player?


Annual wage of a photographer?

Photographers average about $30,000 each year. Professional photographers can earn six figures if they photograph professional entertainers in Hollywood and abroad.

What is the hairdressing trade union?

professional bodies and trade unions

How many matches messi has played for barcelona?

He has been a Barcelona player from the start.