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Q: What is the vocal range of kitchie nadal?
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When was Kitchie Nadal born?

Kitchie Nadal was born on 1980-09-16.

What actors and actresses appeared in Malaya - 2014?

The cast of Malaya - 2014 includes: Kitchie Nadal

What actors and actresses appeared in The Muses - 2013?

The cast of The Muses - 2013 includes: Janelle Jamer Kitchie Nadal Marvene Rom Munda as Owl Voice Chicoy Romualdez

What is Mary J Blige Vocal Range?

Mary J. Blige Vocal Range is a Four Octave Vocal Range.

What is the nursery rhyme used in what do you say by mickey Avalon?

King kong kitchie kitchie ki-meo

What is Ronnie James Dios' vocal range?

rons vocal range is eight octaves.

What actors and actresses appeared in With Whom - 2010?

The cast of With Whom - 2010 includes: Hansel Anselmo as Himself - Percussion Kitchie Nadal as Herself - Performer Romeo Ong as Himself - Bass Guitar Alroy Teves as Himself - Lead Guitar

What is Beyonces vocal range?

Beyonce's Vocal Range is A2-F6

What is Anthony Warlow's vocal range?

I believe Mr Warlow's vocal range is Tenor to Baritone.

What is Ozzy osbourne vocal range?

Ozzy Osborne actuallyhas a pretty impressive vocal range. According to a google search, the vocal range for him is B1-F5(-G♯5)

What is Julie Andrews range?

She had a 4 octave vocal range.

What is the vocal range of Akon?

-3000 -_-