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in excellent - Near/Mint condition the articles could sell for a few dollars. A full paper would be of the highest value, the cover headline would be next, and an article would be the lowest. The more complete the newspaper the more valuable.

Because of the low quality paper used newspapers do not sell at high price. Browning, rips, and creases will lower the price significantly. I have a Framed 1927 World Series Newspaper headline. Every time I handle the paper (to frame it) I would lose little flakes of paper off the edges.

The Newspaper clipping you have (with a picture) if it is well preserved, and displays well could sell for more. The significance of the article, and the size of the clipping will be a factor as well.

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Q: What is the value of two 1936 Chicago Tribune newspaper articles and pictures highlighting the Chicago Cubs and Dizzy Dean?
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