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I paid £50 in charity auction

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Q: What is the value of the 1991 European cup Winners Cup Manchester United ball signed?
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When did Andy Cole sign for Manchester united?

Andy Cole signed for Manchester United (from Newcastle United) in January 1995.

When did Yorke and Cole sign for Manchester united?

Andrew Cole signed for Manchester United from Newcastle United in January 1995. Dwight Yorke signed for United from Aston Villa in August 1998.

What year did rio Ferdinand sign for man utd?

He signed for the great Manchester United in 2002.

When did paul scholes get signed with Manchester united?


Has van persie signed for Manchester united?

yes he did

Will Manchester United sign nasri?

Yes they have signed him already

Who did Manchester United sign Steve Bruce from?

Steve Bruce was signed by Manchester United from Norwich City on December 17, 1987.

Who did Manchester United sign in 1998?

Players signed by Manchester United in calendar year 1998 were:Jonathan GreeningJaap StamJesper BlomqvistDwight Yorke

What is a 1996 signed Manchester united ball worth?

about £400 - £600

When did Wayne Rooney get signed with Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney (age 24) signed for Manchester United F.C for £25.6 million (approximately $40 million) at the end of the 2004 Summer Transfer Window.

How much is a Manchester united vs benfica 1968 European cup final match program signed by george best and Dennis law worth?

it is worth, approx. $120,650.00

Did Manchester United sign wesly sneider?

No, as of December 2011, he is not signed by Manchester United. There are rumours connecting him to the club via a January 2012 transfer.