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no value of Michael Jordan's lunch box upper deck

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โˆ™ 2012-06-15 20:59:37
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Q: What is the value of lunch box Michael Jordan?
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What is the value of an unopened Wheaties cereal box with Michael Jordan on it?

an unopened box would be $2,000

What is the value still in the box space jam talking Michael Jordan doll?

00.1 cent

How much is a Michael Jordan Wheaties box worth?

Michael Jordan rare vintage mint Wheaties cereal box $49.95 +$20.00 shipping

How much is a metal drag strip lunch box worth?

what's the value of my drag strip lunch box

What is the value of a Hop-Along Cassidy lunch box?

Value is $550.00

What it the value of a Davy Crockett lunch box?


What is the value of a Dennis the Menace lunch box?

Depends which one?

What athlete has appeared most often on a Wheaties box?

Michael Jordan

Who is the athelete that has been on the Wheaties box the most?


Use in the sentence lunch box?

The lunch box had neat designs on it. Lunch box is used to carry lunch. Lunch box can preserve food for a longer time.

What is the value of Holly Hobbie lunch box?

not much,about below 5 bucks

What is the value of the cheech and Chong lunch box up in smoke?

50 dollors

What is the value of 1973 fat Albert metal lunch box?


What is in a lunch box?

What's found in the lunch box

When was The Lunch Box created?

The Lunch Box was created in 2009.

What is the value of a Beatles lunch box?

Hi, I have a price listing for the Beatle's, The Yellow Submarine, lunch box w/Thermos "1968" at:$300.-650.00! It is About $20-$30 Australian dollars

How much is a 1992 USA Michael Jordan Sky Box rookie card worth?

The (accepted) Michael Jordan rookie card actually comes from the 1986-87 Fleer set.

How much is a unfolded Michael Jordan cereal box worth?

1 dollar not that hard to find

What is the value of a Houston Astros lunch box?

Probably less than what you paid for it. Just a guess

What to put in a lunch box?

Lunch I guess.

What is the best kind of lunch box i should get?

The best kind of lunch box is an insulated lunch box. You should try it because it is really good.

What is another name for a lunch box?

There are not many words that can replace the word lunch box. Some examples of these words are, lunch bag and lunch container.

How much is a Michael Jordan Wheatie Box?

lol depends what kind of cereal it is lol jk. It is about $10.00

What is the difference between a lunch box and a school?

You Can Teach Students In School And Not In A Lunch Box ?

What is the duration of Lunch Box film?

The duration of Lunch Box - film - is 1.08 hours.