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Q: What is the value of hillerich bradsby bat made 1916-1929 bat has an oval trademark with hillerich and bradby at the top of the trademark below that is made in us then h and b no 50 louisvilleky?
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Does hillerich bradsby company have a corporate website?

Hillerich and Bradsby is now know as Louisville Slugger..

What is the ticker symbol for Hillerich and Bradsby Co?

There is no ticker symbol. Hillerich and Bradsby is a privately held company, and therefore does not trade stock on any market.

Who is John hillerich?

He created the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. With his partner, Frank Bradsby, he headed the company Hillerich & Bradsby Company Inc., which still manufactures baseball bats.

What is the value of hillerich and bradsby NO125Y?

shut up there is now price

What is the mission statement for Hillerich Bradsby?

To provide the best bats ever.

What is the value of 1978 titanic softball bat hillerich and bradsby?

Awesome. 250

What is the value of Hillerich and Bradsby co LL20 mickey mantel bat?


What is the Worth of louisville sluggler hillerich and bradsby 250b black Betsy?


Hillerich and bradsby playground noBE date?


What is an old Hillerich and Bradsby golf club worth?

lo skore chromium puter

What is the value of a hillerich and bradsby corkball bat?

I've got one I'd be willing to part with. I got it from my grandfather year ago. What do you know about Hillerich and Bradsby corkball bats? Thanks, Tom

Hillerich bradsby co no9 joe dimaggio?

Hillerich Bradsby co no 9 Joe DiMaggio BatThe Hillerich & Bradsby co no 9 baseball bat was an inexpensive store model bat. A Joe DiMaggio no. 9 Store model bat in general is worth around $100. - $150. depending on the age, and condition. Youth sized bats will sell at lower value. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. has used different oval center brands in their history. By idendifying the patens, and trade marks you can date the bat. Older Joe DiMaggio bats will sell at a higher value