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A better description would be needed to PIN point which pins you are asking about. There are many different variations of pins. Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia is very desirable, and the pins can be worth between $100. - $500. Condition is important. A 1953 National League Champions Brooklyn Dodgers team pin - large size measuring 3.5" in diameter. Team photo- This style pin was also made for the 1952 N.L. Championship team. sells for about $350-$500

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Q: What is the value of an old pin with Jackie Robinson's picture and name on it and a pin with the Brooklyn Dodgers as National League Champions?
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Who were the National League champions in 1947?

The Brooklyn Dodgers were the 1947 National League Champions.

What year was Jackie Robinsons rookie year?

1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who was Jackie robinsons best friend?

On the Brooklyn Dodgers, it was Pee Wee Reese.

Who did the Brooklyn dodgers lose to in Jackie Robinsons final year?

Robinson's final year was 1956. The Brooklyn Dodgers lost the World Series to the New York Yankees four games to three that season.

Who played in the World Series of 1955?

The Brooklyn Dodgers, winner of the National League, defeated the New York Yankees, American League Champions, four games to three to become World Champions in 1955.

What was Jackie Robinsons contribution to history?

the first african american in baseball history to play in MLB he played for Brooklyn Dodgers

Who was Jackie Robinsons opponent in the World Series?

Jackie Robinson did not have an opponent in the WS. His team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, did - the New York Yankees. The Dodgers won in 7 games. Brooklyn lost to the Yankees in the 1947, 1949, 1952 and 1953 World Series.

Who was the natonal league home run champions in 1947?

In 1947, the Brooklyn Dodgers won the NL pennant.

What was Robinsons batting average from 1947 to 1956?

Jackie Robinson played with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 - 1956, and had a career batting average of .311.

What was the name of Jackie robinsons minor league baseball team before he joinded the Brooklyn dodgers?

The Montreal Royals, a Dodger farm club in the International League.

When did the dodgers start?

The Dodgers began play in 1884 as the Brooklyn Atlantics in the American Association. They moved into the National League in 1890.

Who are the famous Brooklyn Dodgers?

The famous Brooklyn Dodgers were a baseball team.

How many years have the Dodgers been playing Baseball?

52 years as the LA Dodgers.Since joining the National League in 1890, the Dodgers have been known as:1888-1890 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms1891-1895 - Brooklyn Grooms1896-1898 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms1899-1910 - Brooklyn Superbas1911-1912 - Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers1913 - Brooklyn Dodgers1914-1931 - Brooklyn Robins1958�present - Los Angeles DodgersPrior to joining the National League, the Dodgers were known as:1884 - Brooklyn Atlantics1885-1887 - Brooklyn Grays1888-1890 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms

What is the name of Jackie Robinsons major league baseball coach?

Robinson's managers for most of his years with the Brooklyn Dodgers were Burt Shotton, Charlie Dressen and Walter Alston.

What dodgers did Jackie Robinson play for?

Brooklyn Dodgers

When were the Brooklyn Dodgers founded?

Hi there - the Brooklyn Dodgers seem to have been founded in 1883.

Is Jackie Robinson a black man in British?

No. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers (But not actually in Brooklyn). The "Brooklyn" Dodgers played in LA.

Is the Brooklyn Dodgers a Negro league team?

No. The Brooklyn Dodgers were a Major League team who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.

Who was number 55 on the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers?

There was no player with the number 55 on the Brooklyn Dodgers of 1955

How many pennants have the Brooklyn Dodgers won since 1903?

The Brooklyn Dodgers became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1957. As the LA Dodgers, they won the World Series in 1988, 1981, 1965, 1963, 1959. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the 1955 World Series.

What was the name of the Brooklyn dodgers in the 1920s?

The Brooklyn Robins

Did Jackie Robinson play for the American league or the national league?

The National League with the Brooklyn Dodgers for entire career, 10 seasons, from 1947 to 1956.

When did the Brooklyn Dodgers leave Brooklyn?

1957 was the final year of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley moved the club to Los Angeles during the winter of 1957, the team became the Los Angeles Dodgers starting with the 1958 season.

What National League baseball team did Roger Khan dub the Boys of Summer?

The Brooklyn Dodgers of the early 1950s.

Who was the first black baseball player in the national baseball league?

Jackie Robinson who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.