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trash just throw it away ;)

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Q: What is the value of an official NFL fooball signed by Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry?
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What book did tom landry write?

Tom Landry is the subject of several biographies, but he authored only one:Tom Landry: An Autobiography (Zondervan, 1990)It was co-authored with Gregg Lewis.--Dallas Cowboy Books Blog

Who was the first Dallas Cowboys coach?

Tom Landry was first head coach for the Dallas Cowboys

Is Bree Ann Landry related to tom landry ex Dallas cowboys coach?

It does not appear that Bree Ann Landry is related to Tom Landry.

How much is a picture with the first seven Cowboy quarterbacks with Tom Landry and signed by Tom Landry be worth?


Where is Tom Landry field?

dallas Texas

What has the author Walt Garrison written?

Walt Garrison has written: 'Once a cowboy' -- subject(s): Biography, Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys (Football team), Football players 'Then Landry said to Staubach' -- subject(s): Dallas Cowboys (Football team), History

How many Career wins does tom landry have as a coach?

Tom Landry had 250 wins with the Dallas cowboys

Dallas Cowboys oringinal coach?

Tom Landry

Who did Troy Aikman replace in Dallas?

Your probably thinking of Steve Pelluer, who was the last Cowboys QB under coach Tom Landry before Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson took over in 1989. -- Dallas Cowboy Books Blog

Who was Dallas cowboy coach that played for Giants?

Tom Landry was a player and defensive coach for the New York Giants before he joined the Cowboys as head coach in 1960. Also, Dallas interim head coach Jason Garrett was a quarterback for the Giants from 2000 to 2003.

Did Tom Landry own any part of the Dallas Cowboys?


First head coach of Dallas Cowboys?

Tom Landry