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Q: What is the value of an autographed rookie year Marshall Faulk football?
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When was the football player Marshall Faulk born?

Football player Marshall Faulk was born February 26, 1973. He was a running back for the NFL for twelve years and he was chosen for the Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

What is the value of autographed limited edition 1994 classic NFL pro line Marshall Faulk?


What is the birth name of Marshall Faulk?

Marshall Faulk's birth name is Marshall William Faulk.

How tall is Marshall Faulk?

How tall is marshall faulk

What is Marshall Faulk's birthday?

Marshall Faulk was born on February 26, 1973.

When was Marshall Faulk born?

Marshall Faulk was born on February 26, 1973.

Are Kevin faulk and marshall faulk brothers?

No, however they are cousins. Kevin Faulk's father is cousin to Marshall Faulk's dad. They weren't aware of the relationship until 1999.

How many years did Marshall Faulk play in college football?

He left SDSU after his junior year.

Are marshall Faulk and Kevin Faulk brothers?


What famous football players have worn the number 28?

Marshall Faulk, Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson

How old is Marshall Faulk?

Marshall Faulk is 44 years old (birthdate: February 26, 1973).

Are Kevin Faulk and Marshall Faulk cousins?

They are distant relatives. see link below,

How do you contact Marshall Faulk?

You call him

Who did Edgerrin James replace?

Marshall Faulk

How many kids does marshall faulk have?


Which teams did Marshall Faulk play for?

Marshall Faulk played for the Indianapolis Colts from 1994-1998 and the St. Louis Rams from 1999-2005.

Marshall Faulk was drafted by the Colts as a first rounder in what year?

Faulk was drafted second overall by the Colts in 1994.

What are the release dates for NFL Films Presents - 1967 Marshall Faulk?

NFL Films Presents - 1967 Marshall Faulk was released on: USA: 4 January 2002

Does Marshall Faulk have a wife?

Yes - her name is Lindsey.

Who is the NCAA career touchdown leader?

marshall faulk

Is kevin and marshall faulk related?

They are distant cousins.

What jersey number did marshall faulk wear?

He wore number 28.

Does Marshall Faulk have a super bowl ring?


Who had the fewest fumbles in NFL history?

Marshall Faulk

What are the release dates for Stars on Stars - 2007 Marshall Faulk 1-12?

Stars on Stars - 2007 Marshall Faulk 1-12 was released on: USA: 1 June 2007