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I have no idea?

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Q: What is the value of an autographed football signed by the entire 2006 New Orleans Saints team including its coach?
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Are the Saints from New Orleans?

Yes. The Saints football franchise is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What football team does the city of New Orleans have?

New Orleans has an NFL (National Football League) team called the New Orleans Saints.

What is the value of a New Orleans Saints team autographed football with no known date or COA but names from roster 2001?

wow, that is pretty impressive. i would say atleast half a mil there buddy.

Where was the football game New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks?

New Orleans

What type of people wear New Orleans Saints clothing?

People who wear New Orleans Saints clothing are usually fans of the National Football league team. Fans of the New Orleans Saints tend to live in or near New Orleans.

Where can one purchase New Orleans Saints jackets?

New Orleans Saints are an American Football team who reside in New Orleans, LA, United States. Jackets can be purchased from New Orleans Saints directly, Fanzz, NFL shop and Nike.

Why does New Orleans call there football team the Saints?

They are called the Saints because they were granted to the city of New Orleans on November 1st. Also known as All Saints Day.

When was the New Orleans Saints football team first formed?

1967 was the Saints first season.

Who is the best football team in the US?

the New Orleans Saints

What football leagues do the saints belong to?

New Orleans, NFL...

When did the New Orleans Saints become a football team?


Do Louisiana have a football team?

Yes, The New Orleans Saints.

In the game with the Saints and the Falcons what was the score?

In the most recent game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints in the '09-'10 football season the score was 35-27. The New Orleans Saints won.

When year were the New Orleans Saints started?

The Saints' first National Football League season was in 1967.

How long have the saints been a part of new Orleans?

New Orleans was awarded the National Football League team on November 1, 1966 -- "All Saints Day."

Where did the NFL's New Orleans Saints get their name?

They represent the city of New Orleans, it was announced that New Orleans was given a football franchise on November 1st; also known as All Saints' Day, and the jazz song "When the Saints Go Marching In" is greatly associated with the city. So, the New Orleans Saints seem to be a perfect fit.

What is the most famous football team in Louisiana?

New Orleans Saints

Who are the Orleans saints?

there are a football team that almost made it to the finals in 2017

Where is BYU Tulane football game New Orleans LA?

The game is in New Orleans in the "Super Dome" or the New Orleans Saints stadium.

Where can one purchase merchandise for New Orleans Saints Jersey football team?

One can purchase merchandise for New Orleans Saints Jersey football team mainly from the NFL online shop. As well as this, one can also purchase from the Football Fanatics online shop.

What was the first year the saints played?

The New Orleans Saints' inaugural season in the National Football League was 1967.

What sports are the New Orlean Saints associated with?

The New Orleans Saints are a professional football team that is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The team is often referred to as The Saints and they began playing at the Tulane Stadium in 1967.

Will The New Orleans Saints play football this year?

Yes they will play football, however, some players and coaches have been suspended including head coach Sean Payton and linebacker jonathon Vilma for the entire season.

Who was 38 on the New Orleans Saints football team in 1981?

George Rogers

Who is Will Herring?

Will Herring is a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints professional football team.