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come on on man. cant you answer a simple question. is you cant answer it why should people come to you. that's bad man. seriously! you need to fix up

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Q: What is the value of an autographed football signed by all living Hall of Fame Steelers with a letter of authenticity signed by Jack Ham?
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What football teams start with the letter S?

Seahawks Steelers etc.

What is your 1992 donruss nolan Ryan uncut sheet autographed coca cola career series worth?

About $100 with the letter of authenticity.

How do you contact the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I wrote a letter to them. Coach Mike Tomlin responded later and included an autographed picture. It was a school project. I live in Cincinnati and everyone was mad at me for liking the Steelers. GO STEELERS!!You cannot send direct emails to Steelers players or personnel.You can join fan clubs or email the Steelers website.Click on the link below for the Steelers site.

Who are some famous football players whose names begin with the letter V?

Norm Van Brocklin is a famous football quarterback. Michael Vick is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

How do I get a Winchester letter of authenticity?

To acquire a letter of authenticity for a Winchester gun first contact the company website and inquire about receiving one. Another option is to locate a gun expert or appraiser and ask for a letter of authenticity.

What is the value of an autographed Kurt Warner football card?

I got my card from a letter I sent him and it was signed. I think value now would be $250-350.

What are the names of football teams beginning with the letter p?

Panthers (Carolina Panthers), Patriots (New England Patriots), Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers are teams in the National Football League. They begin with P.

How do you get an autographed letter on NY Yankee letter head by joe dimaggio authenticated?

you place it on your mothers face

What are some sport teams that begin with a letter P?

Panthers (Carolina Panthers), Patriots (New England Patriots), Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers are teams in the National Football League. They begin with P.

What pro football team starts with the letter s?

· Saint Louis Rams (NFL) · Saints - New Orleans Saints (NFL) · San Diego Chargers (NFL) · San Francisco 49ers (NFL) · Saskatchewan Roughriders (Canadian Football League) · Seattle Seahawks (NFL) · Stampeders - Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football League) · Steelers - Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

How do you get a letter for football?

Don't suck at football

What does coa mean on a signed baseball?

Certificate Of AuthenticityFor a signed baseball COA would mean Certificate Of Authenticity. Like a Letter of authenticity it verifying the originality or genuineness of a sports collectibles item. If the letters COA is written on a hologram or sticker it should have a matching letter accompanying it at verify it is the item authenticated.

What is the three letter abbreviation for the Australian Football League?


Football team begging with the letter e?

Edmonton Eskimos is a football team in the Canadian Football League. It begins with the letter e.

Looking to sell a game used NFL football signed by Joe Gibbs with Letter of authenticity. Signature is perfect?

Placing this item on e-bay would be your best bet. You would get exposure to many people that would see your item and bid.

What is the best authentication for your signed baseballs?

A picture of you with the signer. Otherwise one needs a letter of authenticity.

Football player that starts with the letter x?

One football player that has a name that starts with the letter X is Xiangxue Sun Hei. He is a football player from Hong Kong.

What six letter football term means to drop the football?


Football teams beginnning with the letter U?

The Utah Utes is a football team from the University of Utah. They begin with the letter U.

Does the condition of a certificate of authenticity add value to an autograph?

The condition of the item, and its authenticity is most important. The type of authenticity that accompanies the item is important, but not the condition of it, unless it is so bad that it could not be read, and the buyer does not want it. It will not add value to the item based on the condition of the certificate. COA's with matching holograms sell at a higher value. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. A letter of authenticity from a trusted company like Upper Deck or PSA/DNA will add more value than a letter of authenticity from an unknown or less trusted company.

What is the value of 1971 republic of panama 20 balboas proof coin?

$4,000 with receipt and letter of authenticity.

What was the letter that was intercepted asking Mexico to attack America?

The Zimmerman Telegram. The authenticity of it is questioned by many historians.

How much would a signed rookie jersey of Kobe Bryant with a letter of authenticity go for?

3 million

What are all sports that start with the letter f?


What is the value of Pete rose signed newspaper clipping from September 11 1985 with letter of authenticity?

100.00 100.00