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Q: What is the value of an autographed football by Jake locker?
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What is the value of a 1998 football autographed by Randy Moss Jake Reed and Chris Carter?

around $600

Who threw the farthest football?

Jake Locker, Washington huskies

What college football team does Jake Locker play football for?

He was the Quarterback for the Huskies. 2010 was his last season.

What sport is Jake Locker known for playing?

Jake Locker is known for playing in the National Football League. At 6'2, 220lbs, it's no suprise that the Tennessee Titans have this guy as their starring quarterback.

What is the birth name of Jake Locker?

Jake Locker's birth name is Jacob Cooper Locker.

What nicknames does Jake Locker go by?

Jake Locker goes by Montlake Jake [at University of Washington].

When was Jake Locker born?

Jake Locker was born on 1988-06-15.

How tall is Jake Locker?

NFL player Jake Locker is 6'-03''.

Was Jake Locker a contestent for the Hesiman trophy?

Was Jake Locker a contestent for the Hiseman trophy

What NFL team does Jake Locker play for?

Jake Locker plays for the Tennessee Titans.

What is Jake Locker's number on the Tennessee Titans?

Jake Locker is number 10 on the Tennessee Titans.

Where will Jake Locker go after Washington?

Jake Locker is a talented quarterback. He will likely enter the NFL draft

What college did NFL player Jake Locker play for?

NFL player Jake Locker played for Washington.

How old is Jake Locker?

Jake Locker is 29 years old (birthdate June 15, 1988).

How much does NFL player Jake Locker weigh?

NFL player Jake Locker weighs 223 pounds.

Will Jake Locker play for the Huskies this season?

Yes, Jake Locker will return for his senior season despite high NFL draft expectations. See reference below.

Who is the strongest quarterback in the nfl?

Jake Locker

Where does Jake Locker live?

Franklin, TN

What college did Jake locker go to?


Who are the quarterbacks for the titans?

Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker.

Who has the most yards from scrimmage ever?

Jake locker from uw

Is Jake locker single?

As of right no one. He did his freshman and somphmore year though.

What position does Jake Locker play?

Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

What is the value of a Carolina Panthers football signed by about 25 players including Jake Delhome and Mushin Mummad?

It is worth nothin if Jake delhome signed it because he sucks if you wanted value don't get it signed by Jake delhome and he went down in the NFL history books as the crapist foot ball player in history

How many rushing touchdowns does Jake Locker have in his career?

97 Rushing TD's