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13 national championships...($100,000,000,000.00...per doctor evil)

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Q: What is the value of a silver covered sugar bowl with rose engraved and rose on lid?
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What is the value of a silver tray stamped Wm Rogers 419 and engraved with 708?


What is the value of New Haven silver plate quadruple Pitcher engraved O 26?


Creamer from the Nazi era and on it is engraved hotelbeinebsges mbH Its silver and has the nazi sign engraved underneath Does anyone know what the value of this creamer may be?

its worth up to 45,000 dollars Get it checked out. IF it is authentic, I would donate it to a museum.

What is a 1941 - 1945 us treasury war finance award it is silver and is 35 mm in diameter with your grandfathers name engraved?

These were issued for selling a certain amount of war bonds during World War II. I have one as well. Mine weighs 0.75 ounces, which would suggest a silver weight of 0.675 ounces (if they were made of coin silver, which is 90% silver). These come up on eBay fairly often - ones that are not engraved are far less common than engraved ones. With silver prices over $40, they are selling at (or even below) their bullion value.

What is the value of an H and R Officers Trapdoor Carbine Serial Numbere 430?

Depending on condition, $350-$450. The engraved, silver plated version is higher.

What is the value of a 1847 IS Roger Bros sugar bowl and creamer bowl?

The value depends on the metal of the item (sterling silver, silver plate, nickel etc.) and the condition of the bowl.

What is the value of a 1850 colt black powder pistol with ships engraved?

What is the value of a 1850 colt black powder with ships engraved serial number33700

What is the value of EALES- silver products?

I have a crystal sugar bowl with a silver ridge around it edge along with a teaspoon, both marked with Eales silverplate 1779 italy. When was it made and its value.

How much is a SILVER 1988 penny with a present engraved on it worth?

It's actually stamped, not engraved. What you have is a novelty item made by a private company that took normal cents and added a small picture of a present. They're sold as giveaways for parties, etc. and have no special value.

What is the value of an 1921 barber silver dollar?

There is no 1921 barber silver dollar, it is either a peace dollar (eagle perched on a rock engraved PEACE on the reverse) or a Morgan dollar (Eagle with gothic lettering above it saying "In God we Trust" on the reverse)

What is the value of a colt presentation engraved pistol?

1000-10000 or so

What is the Value of a Belgium Leige shotgun?

It's worth $125-$150 as a mantle decoration. If it's really silver and engraved, not nickel and roll-stamped, it may be worth a bit more. Don't try to shoot it.