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wouldn't want it if you gave it to me

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Q: What is the value of a signed Manchester united treble shirt?
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How much is a signed Manchester United shirt signed by the entire 1999 team including Sir Alex Ferguson worth?

Iv found partialy sgined shirts framed for 499 pounds. As well as a auction record for a signed 'treble' shirt selling for 846 pounds.

Who wears number 4 shirt for Manchester United?

Owen Hargreaves currently wears the Number 4 Shirt at Manchester United.

Who wears Manchester United no 6 shirt?

Wes Brown wears no.6 for Manchester united

How much is a framed Manchester united shirt signed by Ryan giggs and george best worth?

As both Ryan Giggs and George Best , were long serving and talented players at Manchester United it will cost a great deal.

Who sponsor Manchester united?

Whilst Manchester United have many sponsors, the shirt sponsor at the moment is Chevrolet.

How do you find original Manchester united shirt?

You can find it on Manchester United's official online club shop.

Who wears number two at Manchester United?

Gary Neville wears the number two shirt at Manchester United.

Who wears shirt no 10 in Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Who wears shirt No 3 in Manchester United?

Patrice Evra

What was jasper olsens shirt number at Manchester United?


What is the alternative Manchester United t shirt?

Toilet paper

1994 Manchester United shirt signed by David Beckham and alex Ferguson beofer he was knighted is it worth anything?

If the shirt is match worn by Beckham with a credible cerificate of authenticity (CoA) then it is worth £500-£800. If it is only a replica shirt then £150-£250 (if you have a CoA or photo of them with the shirt).

Who wears Manchester United number 23 shirt?

Shinji Kagawa

Why did you have a Aston villa shirt and you support Manchester united?

Glory twats

What shirt no did rio Ferdinand wear for Manchester United?

number 5

Who wairs the number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Who wore the number 9 shirt for Manchester united?

Bobby Charlton

Which players wear the No. 11 shirt for Manchester United?

Ryan Giggs

Who wears number 11 shirt for Manchester united?

Ryan giggs

What are Manchester united's colors?

The Colours of Manchester United's Home Kit are Red-White and Black. Red Shirt, White Shorts and Black Socks.

What does Javier Hernandez have on the back of his shirt?

Javier Hernandez wears the number 14 shirt and plays for Manchester United.

Who wears manchester United no 2 shirt?

The number 2 shirt is not occupied since it was vacated by Gary Neville.

Who wore the no 7 shirt in manchester united in the 20112012 season?

michael owen

Who wears the no 7 shirt for Manchester united?

2013-2014 Season Nobody

Who has worn the famous number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Denis Law.