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Q: What is the value of a signed Italy shirt?
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How much is a fully signed Real Madrid shirt worth from 03-04?

The value for a fully signed Real Madrid shirt from 03-04 will depend on who signed the shirt and the rarity and conditon of the shirt. A person should have the item appraised by a professional for the true value.

What is the value of a signed Manchester united treble shirt?

wouldn't want it if you gave it to me

What is the value of a t-shirt signed by the stars of Star Wars?

$400-$500 Dollars

What is the value of a Manny Pacquiao signed Tee shirts?

The value of a Manny Pacquiao signed tee shirt will depend on how many tee shirts there already are that have been signed. The more rare the item, the more value it will have when it goes on the market.

What is the value of a Cleveland Browns shirt signed by every player from the cardiact for kids team?

Obviously you have such a shirt,are you interested in selling this?e-mail me at

How much would a signed New England Patriots shirt be worth?

It depends on the shirt (t-shirt, replica jersey, authentic jersey, etc.), it's condition and who signed it.

How much would a 2004 Warwickshire cricket team shirt be worth if It was signed by the entire first line up?

How much a Warwickshire cricket team shirt would be, if it was signed by the entire team, would depend. The actual value of the shirt would depend on the condition it is in and if there is any sort of supply and demand for it at the time.

Who buys signed football shirts?

Sports fanatics often buy signed football shirts and get them framed. Framed football shirts adds value to the shirt and they can look nice in any room.

What is Italy soccer shirt colour?


How much is a signed Bristol City shirt?

2 years ago I sold a Bristol City shirt for £250. It was the shirt that was worn when we played Brentford in the Play Offs when John Ward was manager and the shirt had been signed by all the team

What is the value of a framed champions league winners 19999 shirt signed by cantona beckham best and alex Ferguson?

Hello, I work within the football memorabilia industry and have done so for over 15 years. I have assisted the auctions of many rare and valuable match worn shirts and player owned memorabilia. The value of your shirt depends on the authenticity that you can provide, basically you have to prove to the buyer/bidder that it is genuine. This is achieved through documentation such as a certificate of authenticity. But be careful as there are thousands of unscrupulous people out there who sell such items that are described as match worn or signed but in fact are not. They simply devise these spoof certificates on their own computers based on lies and fraud, then when investigated proven to be void and thus lessening the value of your shirt from genuine to fake. Should you have a genuine COA (signed by a credible auction house, coded by the shirt manufacturer, signed by a player or club representative, hold a letter from the player who signed/wore the shirt) then you have a product that holds value. Presuming that you have such a COA your shirt would be valued at £800-£1200 match worn by Beckham in the final, £400-£700 match issued to Beckham for the final, and £200-£400 if it is a replica shirt. If you don't have a credible COA then the value would be a great deal less. Hope you find this helpful. Graham.

What is the value of a signed Portsmouth fa cup final shirt?

It depends on how much someone is willing to pay. To me it as no value but to someone else it could be priceless. Put it to auction with a reserve of the least your willing to take and it will find its own value.

How much is your signed Tony Hawk shirt worth?

100000000000 billion

What colour shirt Italy soccer player?

Italy national football team play in blue and white.

Who signed the Axis agreement?

Japan , Italy and Germany .

What is the value of a Roberto clemente baseball that is NOT a single signed ball?

If the baseball is "multi-signed", and not "single signed" you would have to name the other players that signed the baseball to get an approximate value.

Where you can sell a real Madrid shirt signed by the players?

hi if you look my store i have new and modern Shirt this my link

How much is a signed Pele shirt worth?

A little more than $700

What is the value of an Antigua NFL Edition golf shirt as seen in the Antigua Ad worn by Payne Stewart and signed by Payne Stewart?

Try ebay, a collector or a sports memoribila auction.

What is the value of a baseball signed in the sixties?

The age of when the ball was signed does not determine the value. Supply and demand does. The value of the signature will rely on the popularity of the player that signed the ball, and how often he signed. If there are more collectors than signatures on the market the value will be high. If there are many signatures on the market and a lower number of collectors, a lower value.

What is the value of a football that is signed by two Minnesota Vikings players?

The value may depend on which two players signed it.

What is the value of a Ted Kennedy signature?

What is the value of a signed baseball ?

How much is a signed Manchester United shirt signed by the entire 1999 team including Sir Alex Ferguson worth?

Iv found partialy sgined shirts framed for 499 pounds. As well as a auction record for a signed 'treble' shirt selling for 846 pounds.

What is the value of an autographed 1966 replica football shirt?

Mentioning a team would have helped. The team would probably drive it's value. Mainly for a team signed Green Bay or Kansas City jersey considering 1966 was Superbowl I.

How much is a framed Celtic shirt signed by john hartson worth?

2 pence