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Q: What is the value of a signed Dale Earnhardt Sr. poster from the 1982 Southern 500?
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What is the value of signed ken griffey posters?

The value of a signed Ken Griffey poster will vary depending on the poster and the condition. Some posters are valued at $219.17 up to $1,299.95.

What is the value of a Pepsi poster signed by Britney Spears?

About $600

What is the value of a 1994 World Cup poster and ball signed by the US team?

3 million pesos

What is the value of a Winston Cup championship Mac Tool wrench set signed by Dale Earnhardt Sr.?

250 dollars

How much would a poster signed by the members of Against Me be worth?

Either of these sites may be able to assist with determining the value of your poster or possibly point you in the right direction:

How much would a poster signed by Al Kaline from 1972 cost?

An Al Kaline signed poster is worth about $35.-$50. Price will vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Part of the value will be determined by how well the poster displays the signature. The type of ink used, and how it stands out in contrast to the poster will also effect the price. Sharpie would be most preferred for a poster. If the signatures are not properly authenticated the poster could sell at half the market value or less.

What is the value of a poster signed by all the baseball rookies from 1947-1959?

i brought one of a dealer and he said it was worth

What is the value of pirate of the Caribbean portrait with gun on it that they use in the movie?

The movie poster from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie will have no value unless signed by a cast member.

What is the value of a space jam poster 2ft by 3ft signed by Michael Jordan that says Michael Jordan 1992 dream team?

aproxamently $23,892

What is value of personally signed autograph of Dusty Springfield?

An autographed poster of Dusty Springfield is worth about $18.00. The condition must be excellent with no tears or creases.

Value of poster signed by Peter Brock?

It depends a lot on how much someone is willing to pay, providing you are looking to sell one. They are anywhere from $75 for autographed poster to $1000 for autographed racing photo that is professionally matted and framed.

Value of Earnhardt knife?

At this point, the Dale Earnhardt knife is going for about $5 to $15 on eBay.