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I have seen them go for about $30 at the lowest, $105 at best.

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Q: What is the value of a misprinted Joe Namath 1970 Topps Football card The image is and card is offset?
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What is the value of a 1969 Joe Namath 150 football card?

Joe Namath did not have a card #150 in 1969 He did have a card# 150 in 1970 1970 Topps card# 150 $50.00

How much is a 1966 joe namath 98 football card worth?

1967 Topps Joe Namath card number 98Joe Namath Topps card number 98 was issued in 1967. A 1967 Topps Joe Namath card number 98 has a book value of about $150.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition and $37.50. - $75.00 in Very Good - Excellent condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important.Common flaws with football cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

Did Joe Namath have a Rams football card?

No, there was never a "Hollywood Joe" card produced while he played for the Los Angeles Rams in 1977 because of a dispute/lawsuit with Topps. There have been several made in the last year or so starting with Bob Lemke's "Namath 1977 Topps style card" made in 2010 and progressing through several Namath Rams Jersey cards, the best of which is the "2011 Timeless Treasures dual Namath" Jersey card. The Lemke "1977" card is stunning and he is considering doing a "1978 Topps style" Namath card to sum up his entire career (Namath retired in early 1978). I still think the Rams would have beaten the Vikings in the 1977 "Mud Bowl" play-off game if only Namath had played, but that is a different story...

What is the dimension of a 1965 Joe Namath Topps Rookie card?

2.5 x 5

How much is a joe namath 1969 season card worth?

Joe Namath's 1969 Topps Card (#100 in the set) is worth $75 in Near Mint condition, which allows for a few very minor flaws.

Where can you get topps football cards with topps town code inside?

324123bdv gold card

What are the topps football codes 2011-2012?


What is Gael Clichy's topps total football code?

it is 2147

What is the value of a1986 topps football rack pack?

about $35.00

What is the value of Terry Bradshaw topps football card?


Is topps better than donruss?

Come on dude, you have to ask that for yourself. Donruss has a way better picture and design in my opinion in football. So Donruss better than topps in football.

Are 1960 Topps Football cards more rare than 1960 Topps Baseball cards?

No the 1960 baseball cards are definetly more rarer than the 1960 Football cards 1960 Football cards are more rare.

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