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Q: What is the value of a football autographed by Tony Dorsett?
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What is the value of a signed spalding football by tony dorsett?

3 dollars

Are Phillip Dorsett and Tony Dorsett related?

These two men are not related. Phillip Dorsett is a football player for University of Miami and Tony Dorsett is a former American football running back in for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos.

What is the value an official Heisman Trophy Football signed by Eric Crouch and Tony Dorsett?


How much is a tony dorsett autographed football worth?

Many of the autographed footballs are valued in price close to $75 each. The amount for each item will vary depending upon their condition and how they are being displayed.

What is the value of a 1988 Topps football card for Tony Dorsett?

Dorsett Sells for $2.00 low to a high of $5.00 depending on the area...Texas = Big $$$$ Montana = not so Big $$$$

What year was Tony Dorsett inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?

Tony Dorsett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1994.

What is the birth name of Tony Dorsett?

Tony Dorsett's birth name is Dorsett, Anthony Drew.

What nicknames does Tony Dorsett go by?

Tony Dorsett goes by The Hawk, and TD.

How many Super Bowl rings does Tony Dorsett have?

Tony Dorsett has ONE Super Bowl ring. From Super Bowl XII. Tony Dorsett became the first football player in history to win an NCAA National Championship one year (with the University of Pittsburgh Panthers) and a Super Bowl the next.

Info on tony dorsett?

tony dorsett that played with dallas cowboys

Is Tony Dorsett dead?

No. Tony Dorsett is still alive and well.

What is Tony Dorsett's birthday?

Tony Dorsett was born on April 7, 1954.

When was Tony Dorsett born?

Tony Dorsett was born on April 7, 1954.

What number jersey did tony dorsett have while playing with the cowboys?

Tony Dorsett wore #33.

What is the value of a classic Tony Hawk autographed birdhouse deck?

In February 2014, classic Tony Hawk autographed birdhouse decks have $499.00 or best offer asking prices. To find out the value of your board, find a dealer who can appraise its value.

What year did tony dorsett play for the Denver Broncos?

Tony Dorsett played for the Denver Broncos during the 1988 season.

What was the longest run in a football game?

for a cowboy its was tony dorsett 99yd run for a td the longest rushing play possible in football is 99 yards...

How much would an autographed helmet signed by roger staubach tony dorsett drew Pearson Troy Aikman emmitt smith Michael irvin be worth?

Around 999,000 to 1,000,000.

Who was on the 1976 pitt panther football roster?

Tony Dorsett, Matt Cavanaugh, Bill Frailic

What does tony dorsett look like?

Tony Dorsett is a African American male hall of famer who played 4 the cowboys as their running back

How old is Tony Dorsett?

Former NFL running back Tony Dorsett is 63 years old (birthdate: April 7, 1954).

Who is is the only player to win a college national championship a super bowl and is in both the college and pro football halls of fame?

Tony Dorsett

What 3 football players have won the National Championship the Super Bowl and the Heisman Trophy?

john huarte reggie bush tony dorsett

Does tony dorsett have a daughter?

he has 2

What first names of famous athletes starts with the letter t?

Terry Bradshaw (football), Tiger Woods (golfer), Tom Brady (football), Tony Dorsett (football), Troy Aikman (football) and Ty Cobb (baseball) are famous athletes.