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A copy of a Babe Ruth contract, or a copy/reproduction of any vintage signature or piece of memorabilia, would have little perceived value to collectors. While an item such as this may frame well with a genuine signature, etc., the actual market value of a copy of anything would be virtually zero, particularly in relation to the Real McCoy.

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Q: What is the value of a copy of a Babe Ruth contract?
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What is the value of a Babe Ruth card with a fake atograph?

The value depends on which card it is, and what you mean by fake autograph. If you mean a facsimile autograph, a copy of Babe Ruth's signature that is part of the printing of the card, then the value of the card will rely on the year, and the set the card is from. If you mean someone wrote on the card "Babe Ruth" then the value of the card will be drastically lowered in value, if any value at all.

What is the value of a copied Babe Ruth baseball?

A copy as in a fake Babe Ruth signe baseball would have no value, and you could get in big trouble to sell it as authentic. If the Baseabll features a stamped signature as a modern souvenir baseball it would have a value of about $5-$10.

What is the value of a Hall of fame 1936 Babe Ruth baseball?

Copy I take it by "Hall of Fame 1936 Babe Ruth Baseball" you mean a Baseball signed by Babe Ruth when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936, or a "Hall of Fame Babe Ruth Baseball" issued recently as a collectible to commemorate Babe Ruth's Hall of Fame induction. Big Difference. If the baseball is a commemorate Babe Ruth's Hall of Fame baseball celebrating his induction into the Hall of Fame it would only be worth about $5.-$15. More of a novelty than a collectible. If the baseball is signed, and dated "1936" by Babe Ruth it will have higher value than a baseball signed by the Babe without the added inscription. Any inscription in reference to the Hall of Fame will add further value. One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. A baseball in poor condition with a weak signature could sell in the $4,000. price range or less, and a minty baseball with a strong signature could sell in the $15,000 price range or more. The strength of the authenticity that accompanies the signature will hold the key to getting full value.

What is the collector's price of a Babe Ruth rookie card?

The 1914 Baltimore News series features Babe Ruth. This card is considered Ruth's rookie card. A copy sold in May 2008 by Robert Edward Auction graded an SGC VG 40 for in excess of $500,000.

Would a copy of an MLB contract between a well known Baseball player and a MLB team be worth anything?

The "original" contract between a historically famous baseball like Babe Ruth could be a valuable "collectible". A mere photostat of such a contract would not be a costly or particularly valuable one. It would be an item of interest however, but not worth a great deal of money.

Where can you buy Cyprus stamps?

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What is the value of an autographed copy of How to play Baseball by Babe Ruth 1930 1931 by The Christy Walsh syndicate Cosmopolitan Book Corporation?

Memorabilia featuring the genuine autograph of Babe Ruth is highly sought by collectors and potentially valuable. Unfortunately, signatures are also very often forged. Presuming authenticity, key value factors are: the placement and clarity of Ruth's signature (the bigger and bolder, the better), and the all-important overall condition of the book and signature. The provenance; the who, what, when and where of a signed item's history, may also add value if documented. If genuine, your book would be worth $600 to as much as $1500, depending on all the aforementioned factors. If memory serves me, I believe the title page of this book includes a printed facsimile example of Ruth's signature, which often confuses non-collectors.

What is the value of an copy of an Elvis Presley recording contract?

Well :P It depends what kind of copypaper you used :P ;)

How much is a Boston Braves Babe Ruth Scorekeeper worth?

I've seen this particular scorekeeper go for slightly over $150 US for a copy in very good condition. Beyond that, it'll depend on the buyer.

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Please my contract. I don't have a paper contract?

Please cancell my contract I don't have a paper copy of it.

Son found a babe Ruth baseball card under some wood in a shed of a house bought 2 years ago it is black and white and you cant tell the year of it could it be a copy?

Maybe yes, its old who would leave it , but it might be real!