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Q: What is the value of a University of Tennessee helmet signed by Peyton Manning?
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How much Peyton Manning helmet worth?


What helmet does Peyton Manning wear?

He wears the Riddell Revolution IQ.

What is the value of an autographed Peyton Manning mini helmet?

Two hundred sand dollars.

Why does Peyton Manning where his helmet so tight?

to protect his head. because he is getting older.

What is the value of a mini helmet autographed by Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison?

You can not find one autographed with both of them

What is the green dot on Peyton Manning's helmet for?

The green dot on his helmet indicates that he is wearing a helmet with speakers in it so the coach can comunicate with him on the field. The reason for the dot is so the refs can see who is wearing this type of helmet as it is a penalty to have more than one player on the field at a time wearing this type of helmet. If you notice, all quarterbacks in the NFL have a green dot on the back of their helmets.

How did Peyton Manning break his nose?

When he was seven years old he broke his nose using a Football helmet that was two sizes to big. Because the opening for the head was too big, a hard tackle sent the bars on the helmets mask right into Manning's nose. Because of the severity of the injury, part of Peyton's nose was removed and later reconstructed at the age of 13.

How did Peyton Manning get injured in 2011?

Washington redskins game OL lineman brought him down by the top of his helmet pulling his head back as far as possible in slow mo one can really tell just how painful it was for manning, but he shook it off an went on to win the game.

Why don't University of Tennessee helmet color match the jersey's?

They don't match because fabric absorbs dye much differently than the helmet holds the paint. Most teams offset this by wearing a different color jersey/helmet combination.

What size helmet does Eli Manning wear?


What is the significance of the icon of the Tennessee Titans?

The symbol on the Titans helmet comes from the Tennessee state flag.

What do the three stars on the side on the Tennessee Titans helmet represent?

The three Grand Divisions of the U.S. State of Tennessee = West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, & Eastern Tennessee.

Does tennessee have a motorcycle helmet law?

The State of Tennessee has had a helmet law since June, 2005. The law is listed as 49 CFR § 571.218 from Senate bill 928, Chapter 459.

What font is used in the Tennessee Volunteers helmet logo?


Are pocket bikes street legal in Tennessee?

yes pocket bikes are legal in the state of tennessee,but you have to wear a dot helmet.

Which came first the Green Bay Packers helmet logo or the University of Georgia helmet logo?

The following web site: states that the now iconic "G" helmet logo was first used by the Packers in 1961 (designed by equipment manager Dad Braiser). The University of Georgia began using the "G" helmet logo in 1964. Grambling University (Louisiana) began using the "G" helmet logo in the early 1980's

In which us states must you wear a motorcycle helmet?

You must wear a motorcycle helmet in 47 states. A few of the states are Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia.

What is the helmet sticker for the University of Hawaii football team?

It is a warrior helmet and two spears that are crossing each other.

What ncaa division ia football team has a capital M on it's helmet?

Marshall University has an M on their helmet.

What College had first emblem on helmet?

University of Texas

What achievement sticker is on the temple university football helmet?


What brand of football helmet does the University of Utah use?


What make of football helmet does Eli Manning wear?

Since 2009, and as of Sept 26, 2011, he wears a Schutt DNA Pro Plus

Does University of GA quarterback have earphone in helmet?

They have little microchips and headphones

Who helmet is navy blue with a red horse?

Used to be Southern Methodist University until 2008. They changed back to a white helmet that they always wore traditionally.