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The mirrors were produced by Seagram's 7 Crown in the 1990's as a promotion and features the career statistics of the ballplayers. The mirror measures 20 ½" x 16 ½"

The Babe Ruth Mirror reads "Permission by Babe Ruth Baseball and the Babe Ruth Estate" meaning Seagram's 7 had to pay their dues to use the "Babe Ruth" name & image. (Just a legality) The Babe Ruth mirror sell for about $20.-$30. on average. One just sold on eBay for $36. Below are a few auction results from early April 2008 for the Babe Ruth, and other mirrors: * Pete Rose mirror sold for $20.35, * Willie Stargell sold for $10.50 * Babe Ruth sold for $20.50 * Lou Gehrig sold for $23.01 * Willie Mays sold for $14.99 * Bob Gibson sold for $8.99 * Ernie banks sold for$20.36

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Q: What is the value of a Seagram's 7 bar mirror of Babe Ruth as a Yankee?
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