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you'd have to pay me to take it

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Q: What is the value of a Santana Moss autographed Jets mini helmet?
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Where did Santana moss come from?


What Football teamshave their name on their helmet?


Which NFL teams have the name of their team on the helmet?

Steelers, Jets, Raiders

Where did Santana Moss play before playing with the Redskins?

Santana Moss played with the New York Jets from 2001-2004 before joining the Redskins in 2005.

Where did Santana moss play before the redskins?

Santana Moss played with the New York Jets from 2001-2004 before being traded to the Redskins prior to the 2005 season.

Did Santana moss ever play for the Philadelphia Eagles?

No. Moss has played for the Jets (2001-2004) and Redskins (2005-2010).

Who wore the number 83 jersey of the NY Jets?

Many players have worn number 83 for the New York Jets. Among them are wide receiver George Sauer (with Jets from 1965 through 1970), wide receiver/tight end Jerome Barkum (with Jets from 1972 through 1983) and wide receiver Santana Moss (with Jets from 2001 through 2004).

For what NFL team does Santana Moss play for?

Santana Moss, or, Santana Terrell Moss plays for the Washington Redskins as a football wide receiver, of the National Football League (Otherwise known as NFL). Moss was originally picked by the New York Jets in 2001 and has been selected as All-Pro once.

What is the value of a Winnipeg Jets stick autographed by the entire team?

Depends which years team has signed it. Generally items like this can be bought at auctions for anywhere between $75-$150. It also depends on the condition of the stick and if there is any fading of the signatures. I purchased a team signed Jets stick form their very last year in the NHL before the move to Phoenix and it was in mint condition with no fading and paid $90 for it.

What is the value of the 1969 New York Jets yearbook?

Eight hundred million dollars

Who is is better jets or giants?


Looking for the Ultimate Jets Fan Plate Collection by Gary Patterson.?

I found a gary patterson limited edition Ultimate Jets Fan plate by the Danbuty Mint in my attic. any value?

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